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It’s both sunny and cold in Arizona this morning–cold by Arizona standards, anyway. How I love the sunshine.

I told you about my friend, Althea, in yesterday’s blog. Well, she’s arrived, and we’ve been talking up the proverbial storm. We’ve got great plans for setting our intentions for 2006, getting our visions clarified and in place. We have herbs, and today we’re buying candles. (The new moon begins today, and I like to do nine-day novenas (formal prayers) beginning at this time). Rituals, in themselves, have no power–but they do focus the mind, which does have power. I believe there

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My Friend, Althea

My friend Althea will arrive today, with her delightful pomeranian, Ti Amo, in tow. (Or, more properly, peeking out of her purse.) He’s even smaller than my beloved yorkie, Bernice, but he holds his own with the rest of the menagerie whenever they visit. The two of them spent Christmas in New York, with Althea’s lovely and accomplished daughter, Ava. After the snow and the transit strike, Arizona will be quite a change.

It’s a wonderful thing to welcome in a brand new year with a friend like Althea. We’ll light candles, set goals, and talk about our dreams. We’ll

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The term “keep your ear to the ground” comes from literally putting an ear to the ground to listen for hoof beats.