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All Those Pesky Selves

It’s a struggle. I’ve got a lot of different selves jockeying for position right now–a frustrated self, a waiting self, a self that wants to throw over the to-do list and head for the casino.

Selves, selves, selves.

It takes practice, I guess, to learn to step back, but I am assured that just noticing these selves, being conscious of them, is most of the battle. Well, I’m sure recognizing them, so I must be making a little progress! How about you?

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More on “A New Earth”

Tolle’s book is proving to be a really exciting journey for me, and I’ve found another one that corresponds. It’s called “The Intimate Enemy”, and the authors are Guy Finley and Dr. Ellen Dickstein. The intimate enemy is, of course, the false self, the person we imagine ourselves to be. Many of us live an entire lifetime without ever guessing that we’re playing for the wrong team. The false self, with all its myriad guises, is an illusion. Finley and Dickstein call these guises the “Temporary Person in Charge.” In other words, these bad actors show up in response to

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The Pony Express was in operation for only nineteen months from April 1860 through October 1861.