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Messenger to Mortal, continued

Messenger: Who am I? I’m you, Silly. You think you’re the only “you” there is, don’t you? Wrong! You’re a link in a long chain of YOUs. I just happen to be a little further along the chain, that’s all.

Mortal: I’m not the only me?

Messenger: Fortunately, no.

Mortal: You got out. Doesn’t that mean I can get out, too? Away from this hut-rut, and these damn bears?

Messenger: That’s exactly what it means. Look at the bears. They’re transparent. The only way to prove this is to go past them.

Mortal: Okay, I can accept that, but I

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Another Story

Once upon a time, a mortal lived in a hut. It was a comfortable hut, pretty well-equipped, actually, and it’s no accident, my dears, that hut rhymes with rut.

The mortal was content, for the most part, but sometimes, he/she would look out the window, see the foothills in the distance, and wonder what was beyond them. (Besides the mountain, I mean.) Was there a valley, lush and green, nestled between the foothills and the mountain? Were there people there? If so, what we they like? Were they friendly? Would they welcome her/him, if he/she chanced to visit?

Oh, sometimes

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Cattle drives rarely went more than ten or twelve miles a day, as the cattle had to be given time to rest and graze. A drive from Texas to Montana could take up to five months.