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Horses Snug and Warm

Buck, Coco, Banjo and Skye are all snug at the new stables. Clint, their wonderful caretaker, fitted them for blankets, and they allowed him to put them on without a problem–something we had doubts about. Arizona horses, you see, do not know from blankets.

I miss my horse-babies terribly, and will be glad when we’re all on the same patch of ground again, but I know they’re warm, and I have added that to a long, long list of things to be grateful for, on this Thanksgiving Eve and every other day. They were also loved and taken care of

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Spokane Odyssey

I just returned from a flying trip to Spokane, and it was unscheduled. The horses were receiving plenty of TLC on the ranch outside of Northport, but there is no barn, and my poor Arizona critters were shivering! This cowgirl couldn’t rest until they were warm, so I jumped on a plane and went up there.

They are now settled in stalls in a wonderful stable north of Spokane, and they even have a pygmie goat for a playmate! Buck will love that goat–he’s a companionable sort of fellow. Many a morning, I would look over, after setting a feed

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Around 1541, the present state of Texas was called Tejas, a Spanish version of the Caddo word meaning “allies.”