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I’m Back

Yesterday was wonderfully crazy, so I didn’t get to the blog. We’ll get back to the house analogy tomorrow, but today, I just want to update you.

Two prospective buyers came to look at Springwater Station, and that meant the place had to be spotless. I spent most of the day either sitting on the patio, trying to stay out of the way, (“Don’t mind me, I’m only the owner.”) or shuffling the dogs back and forth between here and the barn, where there is a yard to play in. Sadie has an unfortunate tendency to kiss everybody, so we

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Zounds! It’s a Control Room!

A flight deck, to be exact.

We’re a little bruised and shaken from our journey through that long, scary corridor, but we made it, because we held hands, and encouraged each other, and quit stopping every few feet to read and agree with another fear-message. You remember–those ugly samplers on the walls?

Now, we must deal with the condition of the flight deck.

Chances are, we’ve abandoned the controls, and now the place is full of chimpanzees. Yikes! Akk! (And every other cartoon superlative we can think of!) They’ve been taking the ship in every which direction. It’s no wonder

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The typical Pony Express rider was nineteen years old and made $100-$150 per month plus room and board.