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An Allegory

This came to me this morning, while I was journaling, and it resonated so much that I immediately wanted to share it with you. All it really requires is a willingness to go along on a little imaginary journey…

Imagine yourself as a lighthouse. The stormy seas surrounding the little spit of hard, rocky ground upon which you stand are life circumstances, things you cannot control. Beyond the frayed edges of that storm are ships, with your name on the manifest. They carry your dreams.

Now, if you are like me, you have been trying to swim out to those

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I’m back!

Actually, I wasn’t away, but all day yesterday, MSN’s servers were down, and I couldn’t get online to write this blog. Like many things, large and small, that are suddenly taken away, this gave me a real appreciation for MSN’s normal efficiency!

My thoughts have been taking a more grateful turn lately–and I am normally a grateful person, anyway. Every day, at the end of my Morning Pages, I list at least five things I’m thankful for, and I’ve been doing that for a long time. Still, seeing the ravages of the hurricanes made me even more aware of how

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.