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What’s Written on YOUR Inner Blackboard?

As children, we come into this crazy, chaotic and inherently wonderful world as clean slates. Unless we are born into abusive circumstances, alcoholism, etc., we start out with a pretty good opinion of ourselves. We’re willing to try things. If we’re readers, we develop an imagination that can take us to fabulous places. The one thing we lack is the ability to interpret events and remarks made by other people. How could we know that interpretation is subjective, when we haven’t had time to build the psychological underpinnings that will allow us to fly our personal magic carpets competently, and

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I hope you’re too busy having fun today…

to be reading this blog!

Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays–oh, those Labor Day trees, sparkling in the frosty night. Just kidding. I love Labor Day because, for me, it has always been a beginning. I was one of those crazy kids who felt pure delight when school started (equal only to my delight when it ended in June!)–new tablets, new lunchbox (am I dating myself?), new shoes and pencils. Best of all, new books.

I loved that subtle, festive thrill in the autumn air, and the changing leaves. One of the many reasons I have decided to

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.