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The Friday Update

First, I want to bring you up to speed on the current work-in-progress, DEADLY GAMBLE, which will be published in November of 06, in trade-size paperback, by HQN. I expect to finish the rough draft–revisions still ahead–this very day. It’s been an amazing experience; even though I’ve written approximately 100 books–I lost count years ago–each one takes me into new territory, both interior and exterior. It’s always an exciting journey, and usually exhausting–more so in this case, because Mojo Sheepshanks, the heroine of this brand new series, is absolutely intrepid. She goes where no sensible person would go, and of

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All Grown Up and Still Trying Out for Cheerleader

It starts early, when we’re little girls. (Little boys have their own version, but that’s another subject for another day. And never having been a little boy, I can’t speak with any real authority on the subject anyway.)

Try-outs are about being good enough.
Skinny enough.
Pretty enough.
Popular enough.
You’ve gotta be CHOSEN, the theory goes.
By whom?
The Universe. The System. Society. Fashion designers in New York. TV and magazines. (Oh, don’t get me started on the media’s role in getting the whole self-hate, anorexic ball rolling!) In short, some nebulous “they”, with some sweeping mandate to choose,

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In the old times sometimes cowboys referred to beans as “Deceitful Beans” because they talked behind your back.