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Dateline: Cave Creek

The mongo monster machine has arrived! As predicted, it dominates the living room. (Yes, it’s a big house, but there doesn’t happen to be a good place for eleven feet of gleaming steel.) I got it unlocked and running, all by myself, and this morning, I did my first four minutes. I didn’t give myself a chance to procrastinate: I prayed, peed, and got on the machine. I mean, we’re talking about four minutes here. No excuses allowed.

While journaling, it came to me what a lesson in manifestation this machine represents, and the insight is worth passing on here.

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Monster Machine Arrives Today

The marvel cost more than some cars I’ve owned.
It’s 11 feet long, and will reside in my living room, for the time being.
The beauty of it? Strength training, aerobics and stretching, all in–brace yourself–
Four hard minutes.
Four long minutes.
But ONLY four minutes.
My time is valuable.
My body is valuable.
I write every day.
At 56, I’m a freshman in college.
I have a life. Dogs. Horses. Cats.
So if I can be fit in four minutes a day, it’s well worth the price tag.
If you just can’t stand the curiosity, check

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The Pony Express was in operation for only nineteen months from April 1860 through October 1861.