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Garbage Stew

Well, if you got past the subject line, you are a very brave soul.
What IS garbage stew, you may be asking, and why should I think about it on a beautiful Sunday morning? Good questions!
Garbage stew is the unconscious sludge that keeps us stuck–if we don’t know it’s there. The image that comes to my mind is that brilliant scene in the first “Star Wars” movie. Do you remember Luke, Hans and the princess–the robots, too, I think–plummeting into the noxious garbage at the bottom of the ship?
Now, George Lucas was a student of the great Joseph

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Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Today, I had an email from the manufacturer/inventor of my Marvel Machine. He’s been reading the blog–isn’t that great? It seems I should try for the full four minutes on the lower body workout. This is an upper-body day, so I can take the day to think about it. I lowered the resistance to the minimum and managed two full minutes yesterday. You know, I THOUGHT I was in better shape than this. Alas, successes are not single events, but the cumulative results of small, steady efforts, made on ordinary days. It’s the choices and decisions we make, the attitudes

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“Keep your ear to the ground” referred to the practice of plainsmen listening to the ground to hear hoof beats. It became the westerner’s warning to stay alert.