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Day 22 of the Tarot Experiment

Well, THIS is certainly a mind-bender! Turns out, each one of those 78 colorful cards is a little window, straight into my psyche. Not only that, it’s a window into my characters’ deeper minds, too. Get rid of the fortuneteller image. Get rid of the Jamaican chick recently rousted from the world of informercials. Forget the world of smoke, mirrors, candles and flowing robes.

Carl Jung, the great psychologist, who first articulated the power of personal and collective archetypes, was fascinated by the Tarot. Joseph Campbell, Mythologist Fantastico, pondered them in depth. WHY? Because the subconscious mind thinks and speaks

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Scattered forces

Do you ever wake up with the frustrated, disjointed sensation that your emotional forces are scattered all over some inner landscape?

I certainly do. This very morning was a case in point.

As I always do, I journaled to get to the bottom of the question. Essentially, by going online on my laptop last night, in my bed, which is supposed to be my sanctuary, I unwittingly opened a channel to a lot of sludge. Yes, the internet is a wonderful tool. It is also an energetic sewer, in many ways, and when I’m tired, I’m vulnerable. It’s the same

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Though the term “stick ’em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.