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God Bless New Orleans

Let’s keep the Big Easy and all her children in our thoughts and prayers today.

New Orleans is one of my favorite American cities. There is no place quite like it. The people are friendly, and to say the least, unique. The food is marvelous.

Please pray for New Orleans.

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Living in the Solution

Pick a challenge, any challenge, something in your daily life that you’d really like to change. For a start, I’d suggest something small, but this is YOUR experiment, so do it your way.

Sit down, preferably with pen and paper, or if you’re a techno-type, open a fresh document on your computer.

Get a clear idea of what you want to change, but don’t write it down.

Now, take a few moments to envision yourself with the problem solved. How would that look, feel, taste, smell, sound? Who would you be? Really get inside that solution. Try it on, like

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The typical Pony Express rider was nineteen years old and made $100-$150 per month plus room and board.