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Saturday morning

Semi-flexible plans today.
The only thing on the agenda is a visit to my wonderworker of a hairdresser, Franco.
My hair is a strange entity. It’s thick, and I can go a long time without a haircut. Then, I solemnly swear, between one day and the next, it goes absolutely wild, and facing myself in the mirror, I know I must either call Franco or get a whip and chair to keep my coiffure in line. When I reach that point, Medusa, with her head full of hissing snakes, is not far behind.
Sadie’s diet is progressing nicely. Would

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The latest at Springwater Station

I’m putting in a yard area, off the front courtyard, where the dogs can run. What makes Sadie and Bernice happy makes ME happy. They miss the big grassy expanse we had in Scottsdale, and so do I. Sadie–the beagle–and I used to get down on the ground and wrestle.

It’s the ordinary joys, don’t you think, that make life so wonderful?

It’s not so much the big career advancements, the new house or car, the lottery win. It’s things like writing to you from my kitchen table, listening to Karen Taylor Good. It’s wrestling with a happy dog in

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From the end of the Civil War until 1890, some 10 million head of cattle were driven from Texas to Kansas.