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Do you believe in angels?

I do.
And even with all the angel books and general angel “stuff” available today–journals, candles, figurines, cards, etc.–I think angels are still underestimated.
Angels, I have discovered, work in teams.
They like projects.
They have wonderful ideas, and know how to get them up and running. What good are fabulous ideas, after all, if you don’t DO anything with them?
They’re a fun bunch to hang out with, too. There’s something to that hackneyed saying about how they can fly because they take themselves lightly. Might it behoove us to do the same?
I like to think of angels

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Old Dog, New Trick!

As previously mentioned, I’m a first-year student at the University of Phoenix, and I’m loving it, but let me tell you, it’s a real challenge. But I just mastered a new skill, and I’m so pleased I have to shout it from the rooftops. I can do PowerPoint! I constructed a presentation on using Tarot cards and other insight tools for brainstorming, and I’ll be giving it tonight in my Communications 110 class. I’ll let you know how it goes in tomorrow’s blog.

Other good news on the dog front: Sadie has lost 4 pounds on the homemade dog-food diet,

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Around 1541, the present state of Texas was called Tejas, a Spanish version of the Caddo word meaning “allies.”