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Beep-beep, the Roadrunner…

That’s me.
I run too fast sometimes, and too far. Do you?
Today, for all practical intents and purposes, I will finish my new historical, “The Man from Stone Creek.” I’ve worked especially hard on this book, battling a persistent case of bronchitis and a certain tempest in a teapot in the midst of the process, and now that I will be writing those final pages, I find myself immediately focusing on the next book.
Wait a second!
“Stone Creek” is a marvelous accomplishment. I want to take time out to celebrate a little. I’m not talking about going out

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Independence Day

Today, let us celebrate the gift of Freedom.
Who gave us this gift?
Well, inititally, God. He planted the yearning in our hearts long ago.
But after God came others, who spoke up in spite of their fear.
They framed the Constitution.
They fought and died to establish, sustain and preserve the great gift.
Do we truly have Liberty and Justice for all?
We’ve got work to do. Fortunately, we don’t have to be perfect at it.
We must tend our own gardens. We must practice compassion. We must open our hearts and our minds to the cries of

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.