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Dragon One

Thy name is ENTITLEMENT.
(Please note: I am on this journey with you. I’m not out there ahead someplace, I’m teaching what I need to learn.)
And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
Here’s what the first dragon has to say:
We have been spoiled in this great, rich, messily imperfect country. Many of us have come to feel that we are entitled to the things we want, well, just because we want them. We act as though some special heavenly dispensation should be granted. We should not have problems. We should not have struggles. We’re special.

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Take tea with dragons

Okay, so I promised to tell you what to do with the list of 20 you made yesterday. (You DID make it, didn’t you? And you ARE writing those morning pages?)
Now, cross off the dumb stuff.
Make a new list of 20 things you can appreciate.
Come on, you can do it. Don’t tell me you can’t, because I don’t believe you. Either you want to feel better, or you don’t. This isn’t hard, and nobody has to see the list but you.
Try this: imagine that you woke up tomorrow morning and everything and everybody in your life

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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.