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Good morning, everybody

It’s another beautiful, sunny day at Springwater Station.
Daughter Wendy is still recovering from the blow to her head. Mama is still recovering from seeing her baby get hurt. I swear, it would have been a lot easier to get whacked myself!
(To the Universe: this is NOT a request for another Ab-Lounger attack!)
What can we do when things just won’t go right?
Well, all I know to do is what Holt and Lorelei do in McKettrick’s Choice. Keep going.
I’m seeing the book everywhere, and it’s selling well. That makes me so happy, and so grateful.
I love

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Expect the unexpected

Cowgirl Rule #432
I spent most of last night at the emergency room, with my daughter, Wendy. She’s been visiting from LA, and was all set to hit the trail for home when she was attacked by a piece of exercise equipment. Now, I realize that would be funny, if it hadn’t knocked her to her knees. She had to have a cat scan, and her poor mama about had a meltdown. She’ll be fine, after a few days of rest and pain meds. When a loved one is hurt, it sure puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?
So, since

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In the old times sometimes cowboys referred to beans as “Deceitful Beans” because they talked behind your back.