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I’m feeling impassioned this morning.
I write about love. I write about romance. I write about strong people prevailing over circumstance. And I’m PROUD of it!
In this day and age, though romance novels represent almost half of all fiction sold, volume for volume, there is still a snide, psuedo-intellectual attitude out there. It’s not ‘literary’ to write–or read–about love. Is that crazy, or what?
Violence is all right.
Torture is all right.
Murder and every kind of depravity are all right.
But romance is suspect? (And this determination is made, 99 percent of the time, by pompous asses who’ve

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Fast Times at Springwater Station

One week ago today, we had our own rodeo, right here at Springwater Station. Nobody planned it except the horses, and no tickets were sold. We humans didn’t get a choice about participating, either.
Here’s what happened.
I had been at the last class of my Citizen’s Academy course, at Scottsdale P.D. (This is a wonderful experience, and I would advise anybody to check their own police department’s website for an opportunity to take part.) I was tired to the bone, and still getting over the bronchitis and almost-pneumonia that sidetracked me for weeks. Well, we–Mary Ann, my first cousin,

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In the old times sometimes cowboys referred to beans as “Deceitful Beans” because they talked behind your back.