#1 NYT bestselling author Linda Lael Miller

By Series

Australian Series | Brides of Bliss County | Corbins Series | Look Book Series | The McKettricks | McKettricks of Texas
Mojo Books | The Montana Creeds | Orphan Train Series | Parable, Montana | Quaid Series | Springwater Seasons | A Stone Creek Novel | The Women of Primrose Creek

Australian Series

Book 1: Moonfire
Book 2: Angelfire

Brides of Bliss County

Book 1: The Marriage Pact
Book 2: The Marriage Charm

Corbins Series

Book 1: Banner O'Brien
Book 2: Corbin's Fancy
Book 3: Memory's Embrace
Book 4: My Darling Melissa

Look Book Series

Book 1: Don't Look Now
Book 2: Never Look Back
Book 3: One Last Look

The McKettricks

Book 1: High Country Bride
Book 2: Shotgun Bride
Book 3: Secondhand Bride
Book 4: McKettrick's Choice
Book 5: Sierra's Homecoming
Book 6: McKettrick's Luck
Book 7: McKettrick's Pride
Book 8: McKettrick's Heart
Book 9: The McKettrick Way
Book 10: A McKettrick Christmas
Book 11: McKettricks of Texas: Tate
Book 12: McKettricks of Texas: Garrett
Book 13: McKettricks of Texas: Austin
Book 14: The McKettrick Legend
Book 15: A Lawman's Christmas

McKettricks of Texas

Mojo Books

Book 1: Deadly Gamble
Book 2: Deadly Deceptions

The Montana Creeds

Book 1: Montana Creeds: Logan
Book 2: Montana Creeds: Dylan
Book 3: Montana Creeds: Tyler
Book 4: A Creed Country Christmas
Book 5: A Creed in Stone Creek
Book 6: Creed's Honor
Book 7: The Creed Legacy

Orphan Train Series

Book 1: Lily and the Major
Book 2: Emma and the Outlaw
Book 3: Caroline and the Raider

Parable, Montana

Book 1: Big Sky Country
Book 2: Big Sky Mountain
Book 3: Big Sky River
Book 4: Big Sky Summer
Book 5: Big Sky Wedding
Book 6: Big Sky Secrets

Quaid Series

Book 1: Yankee Wife
Book 2: Taming Charlotte
Book 3: Princess Annie

Springwater Seasons

Book 1: Springwater
Book 2: Springwater Seasons: Rachel
Book 3: Springwater Seasons: Savannah
Book 4: Springwater Seasons: Miranda
Book 5: Springwater Seasons: Jessica
Book 6: Springwater Christmas
Book 7: Springwater Wedding

A Stone Creek Novel

Book 1: The Man from Stone Creek
Book 2: A Wanted Man
Book 3: The Rustler
Book 4: A Stone Creek Christmas
Book 5: The Bridegroom
Book 6: At Home in Stone Creek
Bundle: Holiday in Stone Creek

The Women of Primrose Creek

Book 1: Bridget
Book 2: Christy
Book 3: Skye
Book 4: Megan
Bundle: The Women of Primrose Creek (Omnibus)

Though the term “stick ‘em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.