#1 NYT bestselling author Linda Lael Miller

By Series

Australian Series | Corbins Series | Look Book Series | The McKettricks | Mojo Books | The Montana Creeds
Orphan Train Series | Parable, Montana | Quaid Series | Springwater Seasons | A Stone Creek Novel | The Women of Primrose Creek

Australian Series

Book 1: Moonfire
Book 2: Angelfire

Corbins Series

Book 1: Banner O'Brien
Book 2: Corbin's Fancy
Book 3: Memory's Embrace
Book 4: My Darling Melissa

Look Book Series

Book 1: Don't Look Now
Book 2: Never Look Back
Book 3: One Last Look

The McKettricks

Book 1: High Country Bride
Book 2: Shotgun Bride
Book 3: Secondhand Bride
Book 4: McKettrick's Choice
Book 5: Sierra's Homecoming
Book 6: McKettrick's Luck
Book 7: McKettrick's Pride
Book 8: McKettrick's Heart
Book 9: The McKettrick Way
Book 10: A McKettrick Christmas
Book 11: McKettricks of Texas: Tate
Book 12: McKettricks of Texas: Garrett
Book 13: McKettricks of Texas: Austin
Book 14: The McKettrick Legend
Book 15: A Lawman's Christmas

Mojo Books

Book 1: Deadly Gamble
Book 2: Deadly Deceptions

The Montana Creeds

Book 1: Montana Creeds: Logan
Book 2: Montana Creeds: Dylan
Book 3: Montana Creeds: Tyler
Book 4: A Creed Country Christmas
Book 5: A Creed in Stone Creek
Book 6: Creed's Honor
Book 7: The Creed Legacy

Orphan Train Series

Book 1: Lily and the Major
Book 2: Emma and the Outlaw
Book 3: Caroline and the Raider

Parable, Montana

Book 1: Big Sky Country
Book 2: Big Sky Mountain
Book 3: Big Sky River
Book 4: Big Sky Summer
Book 5: Big Sky Wedding
Book 6: Big Sky Secrets

Quaid Series

Book 1: Yankee Wife
Book 2: Taming Charlotte
Book 3: Princess Annie

Springwater Seasons

Book 1: Springwater
Book 2: Springwater Seasons: Rachel
Book 3: Springwater Seasons: Savannah
Book 4: Springwater Seasons: Miranda
Book 5: Springwater Seasons: Jessica
Book 6: Springwater Christmas
Book 7: Springwater Wedding

A Stone Creek Novel

Book 1: The Man from Stone Creek
Book 2: A Wanted Man
Book 3: The Rustler
Book 4: A Stone Creek Christmas
Book 5: The Bridegroom
Book 6: At Home in Stone Creek
Bundle: Holiday in Stone Creek

The Women of Primrose Creek

Book 1: Bridget
Book 2: Christy
Book 3: Skye
Book 4: Megan
Bundle: The Women of Primrose Creek (Omnibus)

“Keep your ear to the ground” referred to the practice of plainsmen listening to the ground to hear hoof beats. It became the westerner’s warning to stay alert.