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The Book is Done!

Well, mostly done.  There will be revisions, but the story is complete.  I finished yesterday afternoon, and I think I was in shock for the rest of the evening.  I made supper, took a relaxing bath, went to bed and listened to a good part of Naomi Judd’s new book, “River of Time.”  As a big fan of the Judds, I found the book incredibly interesting, though parts of it made me very sad.  Many of you will remember her struggle with Hepatitis C; there is treatment for this virus today, but when Judd suffered from it, the prognosis was gloomy.  She was told she had approximately three years to live, and she was a reasonably young woman at the time.  In short, she decided she wasn’t going to die, thank you very much, and got busy researching alternative medicine and, being an RN before she became part of the legendary mother/daughter duo, she knew her medical terminology.  

I remember seeing her on TV once, around that time, and it was obvious that she was very, very ill.  She was the strangest, scariest blue-gray color.  While she had financial resources beyond the wildest dreams of most people, I don’t think it was her money that saved her.  I think it was because she decided not to die, and stuck by it.  She recovered and, in the process, learned a lot about health, especially of the mind/body connection variety.  I’ve had similar experiences myself, on a much less dramatic way; sometimes, I wake up feeling cranky and discouraged, and who wants their whole day to go down the tube that way?  I’ve learned to change my mood, basically by deciding to have a good day.  I might dance around a little (the dogs love that) or belt out a song like “Rise and Shine” or “O, Happy Day”, and just like that, I’m in a very different place.  Note, I’m NOT saying that would work for everyone, every time.  Sometimes, as in Naomi Judd’s case, depression is far to severe for simple remedies.  “River of Time” is an account of her most recent challenge, depression and panic disorder, and what she does to cope.  Her courage is inspiring, to say the least.

I’ve met Naomi Judd, and I saw her perform with Wynona years ago, as a part of a day-long seminar in Phoenix.  It was a Tony Robbins event, and Wendy and I went.  It was an amazing day, and it was a tragic day, because Tony came on stage at the end of the afternoon and told us about the school shooting in Loveland, Colorado.  It had just happened, and he said he didn’t want us to go back to our cars, all revved up (trust me, if you’ve been around Tony Robbins, you’re gonna be revved up!) only to switch on the radio and hear such terrible news with no preparation.  On the up side, the day was marvelous, featuring many celebrities.  Christopher Reeve was there, in his wheelchair, and he spoke for about 20 minutes.  In most cases, an actor is not the character he plays, but take it from me, Reeve was superman.

A few years later, I was attending a party and John and June Cashes’ place in Hendersonville, Tennessee.  June had just released a CD, and there was a big celebration.  I was fortunate to attend, and I met several celebrities that night: Roseanne Cash, Dianne Ladd, George Jones, Jane Seymour and, of course, Naomi Judd.  The party was outside, under canopies, and believe me, it was glamorous.  Some of us were inside, just chatting, and we were standing in the living room, which was filled with lovely and valuable things June had collected in their many travels around the country and the world.  Everything was beautiful, but let’s be honest, there was a lot of it.  Ms. Judd walked in with her husband, and I heard her say to him, “Good God, where’s the gift shop?”  It wasn’t a mean remark, and everyone knew it.  We all got a chuckle, and I introduced myself to the couple and said I had enjoyed seeing her and Wynona at the Tony Robbins event.  She was gracious, and we went our separate ways.  She is a beautiful woman, very petite, and she has real gumption.  And if there’s one thing this ole cowgirl admires, it’s gumption.


Winners and More Rambling

This week, our winners are: Donna Morrow and Eugenia Riddick.  Each of you will receive an autographed book.  As usual, there is a new contest underway right now–to enter, you simply need to comment, and you’re in.  Two winners will be selected at random, notified, and announced on the blog.

I’m putting some finishing touches on the book I call “North of Eden”–and expect to finish the first draft tomorrow.  My publisher informs me that the title will change, but don’t worry.  I’ll post it here as soon as it’s definite.

Recently, several of you asked why a book takes so long to come out, once it’s written.  This book, for instance, is currently scheduled for May of 2018.  What’s the deal?  Well, there is a great deal to be done, in order to get  book out there in the marketplace.  After the writing, there are revisions–my editor and I will discuss loose ends, things that ought to be added or deleted, etc., and I will make the changes.  Then my editor will read it again, to be sure we’ve got all our ducks in a row.  Then, there will be many, many meetings within the publishing house, a sales plan will be hammered out, and the publicity people will do their thing, arranging tours and interviews and such, and the art department will design several potential covers.  Meanwhile, a copy editor will proof read the manuscript, and I will make more changes, though sometimes we don’t catch everything, and wind up with a character drinking coffee on one page and tea on the next, etc.  Embarrassing, but true.  :)  Once the copy edits have been addressed, the book will be set in type, and copies will be sent out to reviewers and other writers, so that there will be quotes to put on the cover.  Finally, the book will be printed, packed and shipped and, hopefully, purchased.

Phew.  I got tired just writing all that!

It’s late now, for me, anyway, so I’m off to read or listen to a book, snuggle up with two dogs and one kitty, and get some shut-eye.   And I’ll be thinking up more stories to tell you about my occasionally eventful but mainly ordinary life.  :)  Be well, be happy, and be kind.  We’re all in this together.

The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.