#1 NYT bestselling author Linda Lael Miller
You Have to be Smarter….

Than the polymer clay you’re working with. Yesterday, I used the wrong side of a blade, intending to slice clay, and sliced my finger instead. Nothing serious, but typing with a band-aid on is a little tricky! I have a newfound respect for tools–just glad it wasn’t a grinder or a power saw. Lesson learned: pay attention. I’m always daydreaming about some story I want to write.

Injury not withstanding, yesterday was a great day. My dad, Skip Lael, came to visit and see the progress on the barn, along with his friend, Jon Millard, who took some wonderful pictures. Later in the day, great nephew, Lucas Readman, came to visit. His parents and dog, Brody, tagged along. He was a month old on the 8th of April, Lucas, I mean, not the dog, :), and he is one handsome heartbreaker of a fella. Look out, girls. Here comes blue-eyed trouble!

Yesterday was also the day I found out that “McKettrick’s Heart” is STILL on the NYT bestseller list! #11 this time. I’ve had one book from the trilogy on that list for TWELVE WEEKS.

My good friend, and one of my favorite authors, Debbie Macomber, will be at Auntie’s Book Store this Saturday, April 28, from 2:30 to 3:30, signing her new book. I will get there if I can, but may not be able to get away. If any of you can make it, please tell Debbie I said howdy!

At the Lake

The girls (Sadie and Bernice) and I are at the lake, in my wonderful studio office. The things with dogs is, if they’re in the house, they want to be out here, and vice versa.

It is so peaceful here. This morning, as I sat journaling at my table and looking out over the lake, the view was quietly spectacular. With the houses on the far shore, the whole scene resembled a watercolor come to life. I’m here to settle in and work on my new western, “The Rustler”. It’s an exciting project, and I’m thrilled to be pushing up my sleeves and starting something fresh.

Special congratulations go out to my friend, Karen Anderson, who just sold her first book! Karen is an animal communicator and a fascinating person. (I’m after her to nag Sadie into eating less and Bernice to stop peeing on the carpets.)

Tomorrow, I’ll be back at the main house, though just briefly. There is a lot of construction, etc. going on there, which makes work pretty impossible. We’re renovating a downstairs bathroom, and the wallpaper is being torn off my bedroom walls, in preparation for painting. New hardwood floors are going in soon. And the barn-building goes on. And on.

It’s true what they say about renovation, that once you start, it’s a neverending story. Now, I’m thinking of doubling the size of the barn and adding a wing onto the house…

Stop me before I renovate again. :)

Around 1541, the present state of Texas was called Tejas, a Spanish version of the Caddo word meaning “allies.”