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Invasion of the Maid Brigade

Sadie, Bernice and I are hiding out in the lakehouse office, while the cleaning crew whizzes through the main house. Now that they each have a bed out here, the dogs are calmer.

Last night, family and crew came out for dinner. I made a pork roast, and a good time was had by all. Guest of honor was baby Lucas, who will be two months old on the 8th. Bernice was especially fascinated, and couldn’t resist jumping up onto the couch to peer into his infant seat. He really has her mystified. When his mother took him to the living room to rock and have a bottle. Bernice discovered that he was missng from the seat and got frantic, relaxing only when I showed her he was safe with Mommy. Bernice has always been our own private police dog–she rides herd over both cats and always has to know what’s going on. We’ve never figured out what she means to do about it once she finds out. :) Sadie, always sweet-spirited and calm, loves having a lot of people at the house.

My room at home is being redone–new paint, new floor, and eventually new furniture, now waiting in the bedroom across the hall. There is a lot going on, so I’m enjoying the peace out here. At night, the moon shimmers on the lake, and it takes my breath away. It’s still too cold to swim, but we’re all awaiting the day–even Sadie, who loves to paddle along with her beagle ears floating.

Now, wouldn’t you know it. I go to all the trouble to find 2 dog beds, and both of them are on the same one as I write this.

The Dogs Insist!

I thought I could slip out to my lovely studio office to answer email and write this blog, but Sadie and Bernice had other ideas. So, it was back to the house to get them. Guess next time, I’ll just bring them out with me in the first place.

I had a lovely, lazy weekend. Just Sadie and Bernice and me–and a succession of books. The lake is conducive to reading–and taking naps. When I first arrive, I usually just sleep for a while–why fight the inevitable? The place is so peaceful, so quiet, and there’s something soothing about all that water.

I’ve been working on the prologue to “The Rustler”. I love this part of the process, where the story, setting and characters start to come alive in my mind. I’ve had to take a lot of notes, too, because other stories are taking shape, other characters are moving in. Like Logan Creed, who is a distant cousin to the McKettricks.

I’ll be doing my writing in the house today, at the laptop. But Sadie seems to like the new dog bed I bought especially for the office. Bernice is over by the french doors, ostensibly pouting.

It is pretty comical, how much of my life is dictated by my dogs. :)

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