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Miscellaneous Tuesday

Well, I got to messing with my crafting–burned fingers are healed, for those concerned–and got to the blog page late.

The nonfiction book about Buck is on hold, but I’ll keep you posted on that. Meanwhile, this just in–I’ll be rewriting an older book, “Willow”, over the course of the coming year. It’s a dandy western, and I’ve always wanted to make it longer and stronger–go into more depth with all the primary and secondary characters. When I sold that book, there was a paper shortage on, and the publisher wanted things kept short. “Willow” will have a new title and a new cover, and I’ll keep you up to speed on all the details as the project progresses. I promise, even if you’ve already read the story, even if you LOVED it, it will be bigger and better in every way.

I’m off to San Diego–yes, San Diego–on Thursday to participate in the annual LaJolla Writer’s Conference, put on by my good friend, Antoinette Kuritz and her wonderful husband, Rich, and son, Jarod. It was fun last year, and I expect it to be great this year, too. Big added bonuses: my daughter Wendy will be attending, at least part of the time, and friends Lisa Jackson and Natalie Bush will be there, too. (I’ve been assured the fires will not stop these intrepid writers from gathering.)

I’ll take my laptop and blog from the conference. More tomorrow–hopefully, on time.

Craft Injuries

You have to be smarter than the hot glue. Alas, here I sit with two burned fingers, so this blog will probably be short. I have to keep dunking my hand in the bowl of cold water at my side. :) Undaunted, I WILL craft again.

And of course I will write, because that’s my job. I have a new appreciation for my fingers–they are really quite useful, all things considered.

Fortunately, it wasn’t my slot-machine hand. :)

Sadie is recovering beautifully from her surgery–hardly any limp at all and, thanks to her new dog diet–she’s lost about 5 pounds–she’s as spry as a puppy.

Gayle Mackie and Regina Winkler, if you read this, call me. I lost your cards.

The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.