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Push Up Sleeves Time!

As much as I love holidays, I’m always happy when they’re over and life returns to normal–as normal as it ever gets around here, anyway!

I’m all fired up to work on the new book in earnest–this is Meg’s “kissin’ cousin”, briefly met at the end of “The McKettrick Way”. So this is the start of the new Montana Creeds series, Book 1: “Logan’s Return.”

I’m big on audio books, so I’ve been listening a lot lately–mostly research stuff for the Civil War books, but I confess I love to listen to my own stories, read back to me. I’m listening to “A Wanted Man”, currently, and recently downloaded “McKettrick’s Luck” from Audible.com. I seriously enjoyed the story, and the way the reader performed, but there were a couple of iffy reviews on there, too. Got to admit, that bummed me a little. How can anybody NOT like Jesse McKettrick? You’d have to have anti-freeze in your blood.

OK, enough sour grapes. Writers hate such reviews–it’s as if somebody told you your baby was ugly. :)

I’d better push up those sleeves now–but I’ll have to dress first. Just between you and me, I’m still in my bathrobe.

Good-bye 07, Hello 08!

My New Year’s Eve went pretty much as I predicted, though I was up at midnight, with the family, watching the famous ball drop in Times Square. I didn’t expect to be moved by the sight, but I was. All these people, thousands of them, crowded into a few square blocks, yelling out the countdown. And I thought, here, in the city where terrorism struck the hardest, is the proof that hope and confidence in a good future still hold the upper hand. Cowgirl or not, New York is one of my favorite places, and I tell anybody who’ll listen how much I admire New Yorkers. They’re not unfriendly, gang. They’re just busy–going places, doing things.

What can we expect in 2008?


Two sides of the same coin. Joy and sorrow.

It’s called Life. And we’re here to whoop it up, for a long time, or a short one. Every moment is a golden, shining coin. Spend them wisely. And take my dear friend Vicki’s advice–live so you’ll have no regrets.

Happy New Year, gang.

Though the term “stick ’em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.