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I’m Late!

Well, truth to tell, I had such a great Mother’s Day weekend, I was slow getting out here to the studio office to write this blog. My apologies. I slept late, exhausted from all the fun with my mom, Hazel, and then went over the manuscript of “The McKettrick Way” to make last minute changes.

Mom and I celebrated by shopping on Saturday, and yesterday we lounged, topping the day off with a family dinner. My beautiful, talented daughter, Wendy, called, of course, and she had great news–in addition to the cheesecake, steak and lobster she sent for Gramma and me. She’s a screenwriter, as I might have told you, and she has “meetings” (Hollywoodspeak) with some very big agents.

Realistically, I probably won’t get any writing done today. Maybe I’ll go and see what the frog prince is up to….

20 Things I Love About My Mother

1. Her quick wit and sense of humor
2. When I was little, and scared or sick at night, she always knew somehow, and came to help me.
3. She taught me to love books.
4. She makes the best date bars and chocolate chip cookies in the world–hands down.
5. She made me go to Sunday school.
6. She sewed Halloween costumes
7. She made Christmas magical
8. I can giggle with her.
9. She’s game to try new things
10. She thinks I’m brilliant.
11. Her dazzling smile.
12. The sound of her voice
13. The way she looks so good in red
14. She steered me through hard times, listening patiently to my tales of woe.
15. She encouraged me to daydream
16. She covered for me when I was a teenager and stayed out too late.
17. She taught me so much about kindness to animals and to people
18. She reads all my books. (Skipping the sexy parts.)
19. She calls me Lindy.
20. At 77, she still loves paper dolls.

Thanks, Mom.
I love you!

The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.