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Change of Plan

I bet you’re out there wondering, where’s that blog for the first day in New York?

Well, I can’t blog from New York, because….I’m still in Spokane. Did you ever have one of those trips where everything went wrong from the very first and somehow you just knew it wasn’t going to happen? I had a day like that yesterday. I got up at three a.m., rushed around the house grabbing things I hadn’t packed because I was working on “A Stone Creek Christmas” until around 7:30 pm the night before. Still, I managed to get as far as the airport, with my niece/assistant Jenni, only to find that the first leg of our flight had been cancelled–and the second was in considerable doubt, due to weather conditions across the country (and flight crews who must have slept in.)

To make a long story short, we all decided to take another run at this whole thing in the New Year. My publishers, editor and agent were all wonderfully understanding—sometimes a cowgirl just hits the wall.

I’m still going to the rodeo, leaving on Friday afternoon. I’ll blog from Las Vegas. In the meantime, we’ll just chat here every morning.

Okay with you?

Friday? Really?

Time is passing pretty fast these days.

I told you about “A Stone Creek Christmas”, and how into it I am. Well, yesterday, I wrote 2 chapters–a double shift! And I didn’t even get tired. Once I’d finished, I went downstairs and signed two hundred and fifty book plates to be sent ahead to the rodeo people in Las Vegas. My fabulous publisher, Harlequin, has ponied up (pun intended) copies of my books to put in the giveaway bags, and since I couldn’t autograph them, due to distance logistics, my super PR person, Nancy Berland, had the book plates made. (I sure do wish I really looked like that picture of me!)

I’m leaving REAL early on Monday morning, headed to New York, so the blog probably won’t be up until that evening.

I most likely won’t put in a double shift today, as I have some other things to do to get ready for the trip, but this story is so much fun, there’s no way to tell if I’ll be able to stop at the usual 20 page mark or not. :)

Stay tuned!

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