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Friday Morning

Another lovely, blue-skied day in California!

We decided not to go out for Mexican food last night, and ordered pizza instead. We were all in the mood for a quiet night–watched four episodes of “Vacation Home Search” on TV. On this program, if you haven’t seen it, potential buyers look at 3 different homes, in some interesting region of the country, and the suspense builds as you wonder which one they’ll choose at the end. Wendy, Jeremy and I all placed bets–I have been right ONCE! (They were actually willing to pay a million dollars for a house without a BATHTUB????)

Wendy and I had lunch at a restaurant called Coogie’s yesterday–Jeremy was working–and my sweatshirt (the front reads: Be careful or you’ll end up in my novel) drew comment everywhere. Californians are friendly folks.

Today, lots of stuff planned. A business lunch, a trip to Chico’s, and Wendy’s friends from her writer’s group coming tonight for spaghetti and meatballs. She’s been working every day–I’ve been goofing off. Guess at SOME point I must have set a good example!

More tomorrow.

Warm California Days

Again with the blue skies and the sunshine. I LOVE it.

I told you about our visit to Gladstone’s last night–I am still full, hours later!

Plans for today include working on “Logan’s Return”, while Wendy writes away on her current script. With the writer’s strike on, she can’t sell yet, but she’ll have a script ready when the time comes.

Wendy’s big dog, Bailey, is lying by the patio doors. He’s a shelter dog, and so sweet. Truly a member of the family, as are cats Quintan and Claudia–both black. Wendy has had Quintan, also a rescue animal, since her school days in New York. He’s been back and forth across country several times, and surely freaked a few people out in airports–“We’re flying with a black cat??????”

We’ll be going out later for Mexican food. (Much later.) If I’m not too pooped, I’ll write a report. In the meantime, words to write.

The term “keep your ear to the ground” comes from literally putting an ear to the ground to listen for hoof beats.