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Debbie/Bernicie Report

Both girls are recovering nicely. Deb is still pretty sore from her fall, and all Bernice (the Yorkie) needs is a little pirate hat to complete her ensemble. Her right foreleg is heavily bandaged, giving her a peg-leg look. She was rummy from the pain meds, etc., last night, but glad to be home. This morning, she’s more like her normal yappy little self.

Things are going well on the Weight Watchers front, too. 2 more pounds gone–I’ve only lost six all together, but I already feel skinnier.

Would you believe it’s snowing as I write this? Did anybody mention to God that it’s SPRING? :)

Have a good weekend, and thank you for your prayers and good wishes. We definitely felt them.

Bernice and Me

Today’s blog must necessarily be short, as I’m leaving in about fifteen minutes to take Bernice, my spunky little Yorkie, to the veterinarian for some (hopefully) minor surgery. She has a wart on one leg, and what we believe is a benign tumor under one “arm”. She’s not going to like this one bit, and might even end up as a cone-head, the way Sadie did. :) We’d both appreciate a little prayer or a flash of white light.

My cats have been leaving me presents–and not the kind you’re probably imagining. :) It seems that, while I’m sleeping, they raid the craft room down the hall. Practically every morning, I wake up with a packet of stickers, a piece of packing tape–today a lightweight piece of blue foam–resting on or near my pillow. It cracks me up. Thank heaven, they’re not bringing mice!

The horses need baths, but it’s still too cold for that. They look like mud-horses. :)

Choose to be happy today. Choose to be grateful. And choose to trust–there IS a bigger plan, and we’re all part of it, and no matter how gnarly things look sometimes, it’s a GOOD plan.

The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.