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Sneaky Stuff

This flu is sneaky stuff. It’s easy to think you’re over it, then find out you’re not. So if you have it, or even think you’re getting it, be careful. REST.

Plans for today are pretty low-key. Work on an outline, and do some art–that’s about it for this cowgirl.

I watch the “Carol Duval Show” pretty faithfully–TIVO it, along with “Crafters Coast to Coast” and “That’s Clever”. Yesterday, they ran a segment on the CDS that really interested me. Artist Trading Cards. These little works of art are about the size of a baseball card, and are usually collaged. I’d heard of them before, but seeing the segment re-inspired me to rummage through my stash. (A task in itself–I don’t like to venture into my craft storage room without a big game rifle and Indiana Jones for back-up.) Sure enough, I had the blank cards. I’m going to make a few. Now, for somebody to trade with. :)

I had some success transferring photo-copied images onto polymer clay yesterday. This is a crap-shoot, governed by its own mysterious cosmic laws. In other words, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m devilishly persistent when doing something like this–when I’m 80, I’ll probably still be giving you reports on the latest image transfer method.

I’ve been getting some very nice feedback on “Deadly Gamble” and “Deadly Deceptions”. Mojo Sheepshanks rides again! Thanks so much for joining Mojo, Tucker and me on the latest ghost-hunt.

Art Therapy

Nothing reduces my stress (or increases my housekeeper’s stress :)) like art work. Of course I am being wildly optimistic by using the term ‘art’. Is scribbling water-soluable oil crayon all over a canvas and then blending the colors art? Who knows. But it’s a lot of fun.

Why do I need art therapy, you may ask? Don’t you have a new book coming out TODAY?
(“Deadly Deceptions”, book 2 in the Mojo Sheepshanks series).

Yes, I do have a book coming out today, and that always excites me–and makes me tense, too. So if I pour resin, or cut and bake polymer clay, or glue things to a collage, I don’t have to stand behind Wal-Mart waiting for the truck to come in and unload the new book. :)

I’m working on a large collage/mixed media/assemblage now–at this point, I just call it “the Lincoln piece”. Trust me, it will never hang in a museum or make my great-grandchildren rich. It is the visual counterpart of the first of my Civil War books, tentatively titled, “North of Eden”, a sort of tapestry to pin down some of the things going on in my head.

It’s a wild place, the inside of my head.

More tomorrow. Therapy awaits.

Though the term “stick ’em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.