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You’re probably getting bored with snow blogs. Still coming down, and a heap expected tomorrow. I sure am grateful that I work at home!

It’s summer in the book I’m writing–thank heavens. When I write, I’m right there with the characters, in the thick of things. This is mostly good. I live the story with the characters and that’s fine if they’re having fun. :) Lots of times, though, they’re not. They’re getting their hearts broken. They’re riding horses between Flagstaff and Stone Creek. They’re having major emotional confrontations. I go through all the same things with them, so by the end of the day, I need a glass of wine, horse and/or dog and cat time, and some puttering in my craft room.

Crafting is very theraputic for me. I’m never going to be a great artist, though I do have secret (not anymore) aspirations to have something in a gallery at some point. Since it’s either collaging/polymer clay/resin OR a LOT more wine, I continue to haunt Michael’s and my favorite websites. Check out www.artchixstudio.com –VERY cool. The resin casting requires the use of a blowtorch–housekeeper/cousin Mary Ann draws the line at me using things that shoot flames, since, 1) I’m a klutz and 2) like most writers, I am always knee-deep in some form of paper!

I don’t do things requiring drills or hammers, either–at least, not in the house. Bernice, my Yorkie, freaks out at weird noises.

Time to stop rambling and get back on the trail. Logan and Flannery expected me an hour ago, so they’re probably tapping their toes, looking at their watches, and asking, “Where IS that woman?”

It Doesn’t Show Signs of Stopping…

And I’ve got some corn for popping. :)

The snow is still coming down, obviously. A coyote just passed the fence–there he went again! (We interrupt this blog to make a flying trip downstairs and make sure all the dogs are inside.) I’m back–all dogs and cats present and accounted for. The fence is 8 feet high, and built at the top of a fairly steep hillside, but Brother Coyote must never be underestimated. He’s a crafty devil. I love all animals, but I have the rancher’s aversion to wolves and coyotes.

According to the news reports, the snow will keep on coming at least until Saturday. It’s beautiful stuff, and I’m fortunate not to have to commute, so I’m just enjoying it. I will get cabin fever, however, if I can’t get out at least every couple of days. Favorite haunts are Wal-Mart, the casino, and Michael’s. :) (I’m just a wild woman.)

The resin experiments continue. I read somewhere that if you look at an undertaking as an experiment, instead of making it life-or-death, you’re more likely to get into the zone and succeed at what you’re doing. Mostly, I’ve just made a lot of messes, but I keep recalling what this one woman said on one of my craft shows. “I learned to do this right by doing it WRONG a million times.” I’ve got about 999,999 tries ahead of me.

Back to work on the new book. I’m already in love with Logan Creed.

The Pony Express carried almost 35,000 pieces of mail over more than 650,000 miles during those nineteen months and lost only one mail sack.