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Moose Visit

Yesterday, while I was writing away, word reached me that there was a moose in the front yard. I’ve seen several, since moving here, but it’s a sight I never get tired of. I dashed down to look, and there was Bullwinkle, just across the driveway, nibbling at my red willow tree. Mooses, it seems, love red willow.

The horses were on high alert, heads high, ears forward. Only Banjo, the young colt, was fearless enough to venture forward to get a better look, and he soon changed his mind about making friends with the new kid on the block. Bernice, Yorkie extraordinaire, barked up a storm–“Mom! There’s something in the yard and it’s BIG!”–but wasn’t eager to make its acquaintance either.

When I was a child, there wasn’t a moose within 500 miles of Spokane. Now I understand there is a herd of about forty in the area. It is heartening to me to know their numbers are multiplying. Not that long ago, bald eagles, too, were almost gone. I see them often now, especially at the lake house. Magnificent.

I’ll be in Ellensburg tomorrow, at Jerrol’s Book Store, from 2-4. My brother, Jerry, his wife, Anna, and their three beautiful children, Jerome, Chyanne and Sydney, live nearby, so I’ll get to see them. Definitely a perk! If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by.

Our New Walmart

I admit it. I LOVE Walmart. For one thing, they sell a lot of my books. And I do mean A LOT. For another, they carry the chicken jerky strips my dogs love–a one-stop shop, with very few exceptions. Who cares? you may be asking. Is this a blog or a commercial for Walmart?

It’s a blog, definitely. Up until yesterday, a Walmart run involved driving to the other end of Spokane, or out to the valley. Now, we have a brand new store right in Airway Heights, some ten minutes from here, and I’m jazzed! Last night, I bought 10 sets of Noma Christmas lights–the old-fashioned bubble lights we always had on our Christmas tree when I was a little girl. Noma packaged them in the old design–the nostalgia version–and I was sold.

You can tell Christmas is getting close. Every day, my mail box is stuffed with catalogs. I throw most of them away, but a few of them always grab me, which is why I’m on the She’ll-Buy-Anything list. I’ve already got a few gifts stashed away, and I’m looking forward to decorating a tree. Since I will be in New York and Las Vegas during most of the first half of December, I need to get cracking.

Is Veteran’s Day too early to put up a tree? :)

Around 1541, the present state of Texas was called Tejas, a Spanish version of the Caddo word meaning “allies.”