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Bernice and Me

Today’s blog must necessarily be short, as I’m leaving in about fifteen minutes to take Bernice, my spunky little Yorkie, to the veterinarian for some (hopefully) minor surgery. She has a wart on one leg, and what we believe is a benign tumor under one “arm”. She’s not going to like this one bit, and might even end up as a cone-head, the way Sadie did. :) We’d both appreciate a little prayer or a flash of white light.

My cats have been leaving me presents–and not the kind you’re probably imagining. :) It seems that, while I’m sleeping, they raid the craft room down the hall. Practically every morning, I wake up with a packet of stickers, a piece of packing tape–today a lightweight piece of blue foam–resting on or near my pillow. It cracks me up. Thank heaven, they’re not bringing mice!

The horses need baths, but it’s still too cold for that. They look like mud-horses. :)

Choose to be happy today. Choose to be grateful. And choose to trust–there IS a bigger plan, and we’re all part of it, and no matter how gnarly things look sometimes, it’s a GOOD plan.

What A Day It WAS

Ah, yesterday. One of those days.

I got off to a slow start anyway–I’m in a mulling phase–and I had just opened the window to write this blog when I heard my friend and long time employee, Debbie, call out from a room at the other end of a long hall. “Linda! I need help.” Well, she’s got back problems and is under strict orders not to lift or anythng. I thought she wanted me to get something down off a shelf or help her move a box. Well, when I stepped into that room, there she was, lying on the floor–bleeding! She’d fallen off a four-foot step ladder.

Definitely a trip to the emergency room. Trouble was, she was too sick and dizzy to ride in my truck. So I ended up calling 911 and off she went to the hospital for a few stitches and a lot of tests. Thank God, she’s all right, but pretty bruised and sore, of course. Larry, Mary Ann’s husband and the main wrangler on this spread, went to fetch her home when she was released. Mary Ann, usually referred to as the trail boss, has been visiting grandson Lucas in Canada this week. Back tonight, thank Heaven, because this herd is scattered in all directions and needs rounding up. :)

If that wasn’t enough, I was looking for a particular product I’d seen on a polymer clay video, and ran a Google search. I innocently tapped into one of the links, and this G-awful porn video came up. To shorten an already long story, I had a heck of a time getting rid of that thing, and I really thought my computer was going to crash. Fortunately, I stumbled upon the restore feature in the Control Panel and was able to travel back in time, at least in the cyber world, and get rid of the uglies.

Today has a much calmer energy, praise the Lord. Bernice is going to the vet for an eye problem, but ointment will probably be the perscription.

I continue to do well with Weight Watchers. I have always loved that program because it really doesn’t feel like a diet–it’s truly a lifestyle and one I can live with. I’m also listening to a set of hypnosis CDs I read about at Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone–dot com. (I’m not affiliated with either Dottie or the CD people, but hers is positively the best site I’ve seen for finding restaurant points, good recipes, and all around encouragement.) The CDs (“Enjoying Weight Loss”) make a big difference.

Time to go check on Debbie again. She was breathing the last time I looked in. :) Always a good sign. If we’re breathing, we’re good to go.

Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.