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Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…

For you youngsters, those are the first three words of Frankie Lane’s song, “Rawhide”. Back in the day–when Clint Eastwood was a relative unknown. :)

This week, I’ve had an unusually hard time keeping ‘them doggies’ (pronounced with a long O) rollin’! I putter. I write. I play slot machines. I’ve stayed on the WW program and shed the ‘airplane weight’. I just don’t seem to be very focused, though.

I’ve decided to let that be okay, since I can’t seem to change it.

Tomorrow, my agent, Irene Goodman, will arrive for a fun visit and some meetings. We’re going to hang out at the lake house. We’re very good friends, as well as long-time business colleagues, and we always have fun together.

I’ve done some nifty ATCs, a few keepers. I’m still trying to figure out a way to post them so you can see.

Back to work. I left Dylan in a VERY precarious situation. :)

Sleepless in Spokane

I’m late again! I can’t believe it. Sadie and Bernice got me up at around midnight for a backyard run, and I didn’t get back to sleep again until after two a.m.!!! (They, of course, snoozed happily the whole time.)

I read art books. I went down the hall to my craft room to fiddle around a while. I read art books again. Finally, I went back to sleep–and didn’t wake up until nine-thirty, by which point I was considered missing in action. Guess those trips to Toronto and Seattle, both of which were great fun, took a little more out of me than I thought.

Bernice is back in her cone, with her leg bandaged. Turned out, she was chewing on the wound, so now it’s antibiotics and the whole deal all over again. She can get downstairs okay–unlike Sadie, she hates the elevator–but up is a problem because she’s short (9 inches between the top of her head and the floor), and the cone bumps against the next step up. So I carry her a lot. This time, she’s much better adjusted to the cone, though. If it’s not one thing around here, it’s another!

I’ve got a couple of ATCs done, ones I like well enough not to chuck into the trash, anyway. I love doing collage in that small, small area. Heck, I just love doing collage, period. It’s gloriously messy, and like most writers, I am the Clutter Queen. I pour over magazines like “Sommerset Studio”–great stuff. And I’ve discovered some great websites: www.artchix.com is a big favorite, along with Stampington & Company, European Papers, and Alpha Stamps.

Time to eat breakfast, though it’s nearer to lunch time as I write this. Weight Watchers is still working like a charm–I had a two pound gain when I got home from Toronto, but that’s gone now, and it’s full speed ahead. At this year’s NFR, I’ll be the one in the little tiny Wranglers….

The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.