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God Bless the Geek Squad

They’ll be coming to the rescue today. Although this computer (lake house office) obviously goes online, it won’t access my Word program for some reason. (Which means I’ve written the first two chapters of “The Rustler” on my laptop, at the dining table.) Isn’t it nice that there are people like the Geek Squad, ready to swoop in and help at a moment’s–okay, a day’s–notice? There’s a man coming to “shock” the swimming pool, too. (It’s a chemical process, of course, but I can’t help imagining him standing there, saying inflamatory things…)

My, I’m in a silly mood today. Must be all that rest I’m getting.

My Crazy Schedule

I’ve always been an early riser. Now, for some unknown reason, I’m sleeping in! Maybe it’s all that lake water out there, sparkling in the moonlight, gleaming in the sunshine.

I’m gearing up now for a visit from my long-time friends, Cindy, Annie, and Althea. We first met on a tour of Southeast Asia, years ago, and become buddies right away. I was spending a lot of time in Europe in those days, and I think it was something like four years before we all got together on the north American continent!

I plan to show the gals the changes at the main house, then we’ll all come out here to the lake to catch up and drink cosmos. Cindy makes a mean cosmo.

Now, back to work.

The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.