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Radio Interviews and Image Transfers

I had an interview at 6:05, my time, this morning, with Irene Robinson, KWCL-FM, 96.7. To hear it, you’d think Irene and I were sitting face to face in a studio, chatting away about subjects dear to both our hearts: books, animals, red-hot detectives like Tucker Darroch in “Deadly Gamble” and “Deadly Deceptions”. :) In reality, I was in my bathrobe, seated at my kitchen table, swilling instant coffee while I waited for the pot of regular java to brew. Sadie-beagle barked once, during the interview–she always has to get a comment in somewhere! Bernice, Cha-Cha and Jitterbug were all close at hand.

Once Irene and I had finished our chat, I just had to go back to the art room to see how my polymer clay image transfers worked out. Since they were lovely–the secret, it turns out, is using regular old bulk white Sculpey clay, burnishing the images well, and if you can bear to wait that long, letting them sit overnight. (I use personal photographs and copyright-free clipart, reversed and printed on t-shirt transfer paper.) It is like Christmas to me, peeling back that transfer paper and seeing if the process actually worked. It did! Although my ultimate objective is jewelry, I will probably use some of these pieces in collage or on greeting cards.

And now–to work. The clay will have to wait until later.

Darn it.

Tuesday, Tuesday

What can I say about Tuesday?

Bernice visited the vet yesterday afternoon, and while she’s still wearing a cone, at least she’s rid of the bandage. Nothing malignant, thank heaven. She’s working this situation for maximum sympathy and pity treats. Considering how spoiled she already was, that’s saying something.

The sun is out today, and am I ever glad to see it. This cowgirl can only take so many overcast winter days before she starts thinking about loading up the computer and the critters and heading due south. :)

Things have been in a real uproar around here lately, but now they’re calming down. I sneak into my newly beautiful craft room (thank you, Deb!) to paint a bead or glue something to a collage every once in a while, but I’m getting back into the current book today, and I’m thrilled.

The Weight Watchers program continues to go well. No problem at all sticking to my food plan–by rodeo time this December, I’ll be back in my skinny jeans.

More tomorrow. Have a good day. Be kind to yourself.

The term “keep your ear to the ground” comes from literally putting an ear to the ground to listen for hoof beats.