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News From the Side of the Tub

Still writing the blog in my bathroom. That has got to be unusual!

“The Man from Stone Creek” is off to a great start out there in the marketplace. Hitting all kinds of lists. I think I’d really be dancing if I didn’t have the cold from hell. Heading for the lake later today–my haven, my port in a storm. I’m still hoping to write, but may end up on the couch, slathered in Vicks and staring out at the lake.

The weather is overcast today–the kind of weather that goes along with a bad cold. Guess I’ll light the fire and devote fifteen minutes to feeling sorry for myself. (Hard to do in a beautiful lake house, with a book on every major list.) Like my characters, Sam O’Ballivan and any or all of the McKettricks, I’m not much for crying in my beer. But, hey, I’m only human. I’m entitled to that fifteen minutes. After that, it’s the family credo all the way: Suck it up. We’re burning daylight here.

Love and thanks to you all. I’ll blog from the lake house tomorrow. (Hi, Susan. It’s twenty-five minutes from here.) That is, if it doesn’t fall into that fifteen minute period of unbridled whining.

Cheers. I raise my glass of Nyquil to all of you. :) (Way too early for beer.)

Always a First Time

I’ve never written my blog sitting on the edge of my bathtub, but there’s always a first time. (I just got back from BEA yesterday, so I stayed at the main house instead of going back to the lake, and since my room is being redone, the computer has been moved to the bathroom!)

I had a wonderful time in New York. I got to meet and sign books for a lot of nice people, and my publisher, Harlequin the Fabulous, treated me like royalty. It could turn a cowgirl’s head, all that attention, but now I’m back home in the country, just plain old me. (But with a lot of happy memories.)

One of the highpoints of the trip was getting to meet Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth, both of whom I admire tremendously. Who else prays for their captives before and after they slap the cuffs on them? :) Often, when you see a celebrity, you doubt your own eyeballs, but when you see either Dog or Beth, you know it for sure. What a kick that was, getting their autographs and chatting a little.

My fine editor, Joan, who is also a dear, dear friend, took me to see “The Lion King”–I was positively enchanted–and then we had dinner at the recently reopened and refurbished Russian Tea Room. Delicious! And only a Russian could get away with that red and green decor!

I dined at Cafe 123 with my long-time agent, Irene Goodman, who has been a close friend since the beginning of my career, and then we went to see “A Chorus Line”. It was an absolutely remarkable evening. And on top of all that, Irene had a lovely bouquet of flowers waiting for me when I arrived at the hotel.

Like I said, it could turn a cowgirl’s head.

In the old times sometimes cowboys referred to beans as “Deceitful Beans” because they talked behind your back.