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Warm California Days

Again with the blue skies and the sunshine. I LOVE it.

I told you about our visit to Gladstone’s last night–I am still full, hours later!

Plans for today include working on “Logan’s Return”, while Wendy writes away on her current script. With the writer’s strike on, she can’t sell yet, but she’ll have a script ready when the time comes.

Wendy’s big dog, Bailey, is lying by the patio doors. He’s a shelter dog, and so sweet. Truly a member of the family, as are cats Quintan and Claudia–both black. Wendy has had Quintan, also a rescue animal, since her school days in New York. He’s been back and forth across country several times, and surely freaked a few people out in airports–“We’re flying with a black cat??????”

We’ll be going out later for Mexican food. (Much later.) If I’m not too pooped, I’ll write a report. In the meantime, words to write.


We celebrated Wendy’s 33rd birthday tonight at a wonderful seafood restaurant in Malibu called Gladstone’s. Unbelievably wonderful place! At the end of the meal, our leftovers were wrapped in animal shapes of foil–a swan, a rabbit, a shark and a whale. (I FELT like a whale, after all that food.) The restaurant is right on the ocean, and because of a special lighting system, we could see the tide breaking on the lovely white sand.

Shopping foray included Border’s, Urban Outfitter, and–yes–Michael’s!

Tomorrow, we’re planning to veg.

The Pony Express carried almost 35,000 pieces of mail over more than 650,000 miles during those nineteen months and lost only one mail sack.