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A Few Saturday Notes

Recently, I mentioned a book I read, called “Little Girls”.  I’ve finished it now, and I’ve got to tell you two things: first, there is some very disturbing stuff in the story and, second, the ending is pretty ambiguous.  You are, of course, perfectly capable of deciding what you want to read.  :)  So, this is merely a heads up.  If you’re into horror, you will probably like this book.  While I happen to love ghost stories and various kinds of suspense, I’m not so big on horror.  Up to you.  Please take note: I am not panning this author’s book–I know how hard it is to write anything.  The story is well-plotted, the characters are well drawn.

Now, I’ll shut up about it.  :)

We awakened to a miracle here in Spokane this morning–RAIN.  Right in the middle of a forecast predicting nothing but unrelenting sunshine.  Trust me, I’ve got nothing against sunshine–I thrive on it and even tend to get blue when it’s absent for too long.  That said, we’ve been dealing with a drought, drying out the grass and raising the ever-present risk of wildfires.  Therefore, you can probably guess what my first entry in this morning’s gratitude journaling was–RAIN. 

Even more than the rain, I appreciate the reminder that, beyond fear and appearances, there is God.

There is a book I can recommend without any hesitation at all: “The Untethered Soul”, by Michael A. Singer.  WOW.  I loved his new one, “The Surrender Experiment” a lot, so I went back to read the previous offering.  And it’s excellent.

I probably won’t blog tomorrow–but you never know.  :)  I will be here on Monday, however, to announce our new winners.

Be happy.

Various and Sundry Things

Judging by the comment section, it seems to be time I updated everybody on the Hallmark project currently in the works.

Some time ago, Hallmark purchased the rights to my Big Sky series, with a plan to make a TV movie revolving around the characters.  If the movie is successful, there will probably be a weekly series to follow.  (Naturally, I’m hoping that happens!)  The deal was made months ago, but there are apparently delays are the nature of the beast–I was supposed to see a script by last Thanksgiving, but nothing arrived.  Since several of my friends have similar projects in the works, I’d heard that the process is generally slow, but rapid after all the loose ends are tied up.  When I didn’t hear anything, I did some checking, and was told the script is being rewritten, as I reported yesterday. 

Trust me, when I know anything solid, and I’m given the go-ahead to mention it, I’ll post all pertinent info right here on this blog.  :)

Still working on ONCE A RANCHER as we close out the week–and I’ll be working through the weekend, too. 

No matter how busy I am, I’m always either reading or listening to a book.  At the moment, it’s a ghost story called “Little Girls”, by Ralph Malfi.  Karen White is another author I enjoy–I recently listened to her “The Sound of Glass”, and I liked it a lot.  Another book I enjoyed is, “The House We Grew Up In”, by Lisa Jewell, an English author, and I’m eager to read more of her work.  (I may have already mentioned this one.)  I loved “My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry” so much that I’m planning to re-read the author’s first novel, “A Man Called Ove”.  (Fredrik Backman.)

Bernicie had a bath and a haircut this morning–much needed, as this Yorkie can grow hair like nobody’s business, and those barn trips are dusty–she’s much affronted by the indignity of it all and currently curled up on her blanket here in the office, recovering from the trauma.  :) 

Here’s wishing each and every one of you a wonderful weekend.  And don’t forget–you can still enter the contest for this week by commenting.  2 new winners will be announced on Monday, after being chosen at random.  Each winner will receive an autographed copy of “The Marriage Season”, and then the whole thing will start all over again.  Therefore, if you don’t win this time, well, there’s always next week.

Speaking of next week, I’ll see you then!

Though the term “stick ’em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.