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Adaptations (and this week’s winners)

First, the winners.  They are: Kathey Prichard and Jannell Hanood.  Congratulations, ladies.  Your signed books will be on the way soon.

Now, if you didn’t win, do not despair.  New contest, as of today–as usual, all you have to do is make a comment and you’re entered for this week’s round.  Two winners will be notified by Jenni and then announced on the blog, so do stay tuned.

Adaptations.  Ah, yes.  To me, it’s another word for Plan B–and it seems I’m always making one of those these days.  :)  (If not Plan C, D or Z)  For instance, I will decide, “today I am going to do such and such, in such and such a way.”  This idea seems to amuse God.  I can just about hear Him saying, “Seriously, Linda?” 

One example: Meditation.  Except for prayer, this is the single most important thing I do for myself.  HOWEVER, I have ADD, so sitting and repeating a sacred word, such as “Amen” or “Abba”, for a full 20 minutes, is so difficult that I usually wind up skipping the whole exercise.  It occurred to me that I could start small; now, soon after I awaken, I plunk down in my favorite chair, with my coffee and the timer set on my phone, and I just try to be quiet.  There are no extreme rules; I don’t have to close my eyes, even.  And guess what?  It works.

So now I’m looking around at other areas of my life and figuring out how I can apply the Start Small principle.

As you might have noticed, I’ve been absent from this blog WAY more often than I like to be–I wasn’t sick or hurt, but just overwhelmed.  Our Weight Watchers leader, Elizabeth, has a term for those times when we don’t eat at a reasonable time: Stupid Hungry.  (I’m often guilty of this; I wait too long and then I get Stupid Hungry, and I’ll eat things I would normally avoid.)  I’ve got a term of my own for certain days: Crazy Tired.  I do really well when the sun is shining–or at least visible–but heavily overcast days really seem to grind me down.

Audiobook-wise, I’ve been on an Anne Tyler binge.  I just love her quirky characters and tongue-in-cheek descriptions.  So far, I’ve listened to LADDER OF YEARS, SAINT MAYBE, and BACK WHEN WE WERE GROWNUPS.  Now, I’m listening to–and loving–her SEARCHING FOR CALEB.  Other audiobooks I’ve enjoyed include: THE MOURNING HOURS and THE FRAGILE WORLD, both by Paula Treick DeBoard, and THE STRANGER, by Harlan Coben.  I’m pretty sure I’m one of Audible.com’s very best customers.  :)  More tomorrow.  :)


Winners and an update

First order of business: this week’s winners are: Mary Cresto and Linn Carlite.  Congratuations, Mary and Linn!  And now, for those of you who may be new to our little online town, Parable, there is a new contest underway right now.  All you need to do is enter a comment, and you’re in.  As a reminder, winners will be notified by Jenni first, then announced on the blog.

Where have I been????  Up to my eyeballs in revisions, putting in several 10 to 12 hour days  AND loving every minute of it!

Recently, I’ve realized there are some things I haven’t mentioned lately.  For example: my passion for rocks and crystals.  YES.  I still love them, still use them.  I find certain favorites, like moss agate, Labradorite and fluorite, as calming as ever.  The Course in Miracles: still a believer, still love that book.  The Daily Audio Bible: I’m in my 4th year and listen intemittently, since I still suffer from a spiritual allergy to certain parts of the Old Testament.  I find Brian Hardin’s amazing commentaries and prayers as inspiring as ever.  Artist Trading Cards: still make them, but I’ve been too busy lately, and I have some catching up to do with my swaps.  Pyramids: I’ve gotten away from that, but my pyramid is right here in the office and I definitely plan to start using it again.

Weight Watchers is going well.  Still in there plugging, and getting a real boost from podcasts like “Half Size Me”.

My daffodils are just beginning to bloom, and the tulips are up, so I’m sure they’re not far away.  It seems that the older I get, the more I LOVE flowers.  I just placed an order for bulbs, mostly dinnerplate dahlias, and I’m eager to get them into the ground, now that it’s thawed out a little.  I own two of those Aerogarden things, the indoor seed-starters with grow lights, and I have baby tomato plants (yum, tomatoes!  my mouth is already watering) in one and various herbs in the other.

All’s well here on the Triple L, and I sincerely hope it’s the same in your neck of the woods.

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