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The Big Reveal :)

First, however, I’ll announce last week’s winners, each of whom will receive an autographed copy of THE MARRIAGE PACT.  They are: Alice Johnson and Violette Ruffley.  Congratuations, ladies!  As for the rest of you, hang in there.  The new round begins today, and all you have to do to enter is make a comment.  Winners will receive emails from Super Jen asking for snail mail info.

As for my mystery guests–they were my dear friends, Buck and Goldie Taylor, to whom THE MARRIAGE PACT was dedicated.  Buck, as many of you know already, is a character actor (he played Newly on GUNSMOKE and has appeared in many, many other movies and TV programs) and a celebrated Western artist to boot.  He brought my GORGEOUS original watercolor painting of Michael Landon in the role of Little Joe Cartwright (be still my beating heart!), which is about to be hung in the place of honor over the fireplace.  You’ll be able to see a photo of Buck standing in my living room with the painting on the Official Linda Lael Miller Facebook page.  Goldie is a delight, a classically beautiful cowgirl (and accomplished barrel racer), adored by all who make her acquaintance. 

Goldie took some pictures of Buck trying to teach lunkheaded me a little about watercolor, down in my overstocked art room, and I’ll share them online once I get copies.  Talk about intimidating!  Buck had gotten up early, wandered out to the barn/pasture area, and sketched a couple of my horses.  He insisted that I add color to one of them, under his guidance, and I’m telling you, I just about broke out in a sweat!  I mean, really?  The man expected me to splash paint on a sketch that would bring who knows how much money at an auction????  Buck wouldn’t have it any other way, though, and the piece actually turned out pretty well–after all, it was still a Buck Taylor drawing.

We’d planned on driving up and surprising my mom (sorry, Mom), but in the end, I talked them out of it.  They’d driven all the way from Seattle on Saturday (several hundred miles) and had to head back to Seattle mid-morning Sunday to give back their rental car and catch a plane home to Texas.  I’ve invited them back for a longer stay, and since we all had such a great time, I’m pretty sure they’ll come.  They both love the country setting and Buck loves the studio–:).  Claims he’s been in art stores with less stuff. 

Gibson Grady Drew continues to thrive, thank God.  Gus, his mommy and daddy’s beagle, is taking his duties as resident guard-dog very seriously.  (I’ve been getting a lot of requests for photos of the little guy and, to be honest, no can do.  I have a strict policy against posting pictures of any of the little ones in our circle of family and friends.)

Our weather continues to be beautiful, and so far the fires are keeping their distance, at least from the Triple L.  I’d like to second those of you who asked for prayers for the firefighters–it takes a LOT of courage to battle those incomprehensibly hot blazes– and, of course, for families who’ve lost their homes or are in danger in any way.



A huge THANK YOU to Linda Lattin for the GORGEOUS mustang figurine!!  He’s prominently displayed on my office book shelf, where I can look at him often–you really shouldn’t have, but I’m sure glad you did.  :)   (Please send your snail mail address to llmfb@msn.com so I can send you a proper thank you note!)

That said, heads up, one and all–a new contest begins on Monday.  That will also be the day I announce the winners for this week.  As always, all you need to do is leave a comment here on the blog–winners will receive an email from Jenni, asking for mailing info.  

I’m expecting company this weekend–will tell you all about it on Monday’s blog.  I don’t mean to be mysterious or anything–I just want to be able to elaborate on the story.  :) 

We’re having some very hot weather in the Spokane area, and there are some fires, so please say a prayer for all of us, whether we have two or four legs.  One gets used to wildfires in Arizona, since they’re practically a given every summer, but it’s not quite as common here in Eastern Washington, thank heaven. 

A few people have lost their homes, so I’ll be making donations to the local Red Cross chapter–clothes, household items, and a check. 

What I’m listening to: A Hemi-Sync CD called “Indigo for Quantum Focus”–it’s an aid to concentration and seems to be working.  With my ADD, focusing on one project at a time can be a real challenge.  :)  Anyway, this CD and many like it are put out by the people at the Monroe Institute, back in Virginia.  I’m planning to attend one of their 6-day training sessions in the fall–if you’re curious about what they offer, check out their website: www.MonroeInstitute.org

I also have a book to recommend: THOUGHTS ARE THINGS, SO CHOOSE THEM WISELY, by Mike Dooley.  (Mike sends out great inspirational messages daily, as well; you can sign up at www.tut.com 

“Tut” stands for totally unique thoughts, by the way.  I am so impressed with this book that I’ll be giving away one copy each week in August–meaning one winner will receive THOUGHTS and THE MARRIAGE PACT, autographed of course.  (The second winner will also receive a signed copy of my latest.)

In closing, I’m out of here–my new book is waiting.  :)  Have the best weekend ever, and tune in on Monday for more news from the Triple L.

P.S. A number of you have kindly asked about the Canadian Wrangler–he’s all healed up and back in the saddle, I’m glad to say.  And our little Gibson Drew is home now, with his wonderful mommy and daddy.  God is good.


The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.