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Winners and More

Last week’s winners are: Millie and Alison.  Congratulations!  And all though you wouldn’t know it by the missing blogs, there is a new contest underway right now.  Just comment, and you’re in.

Weight Watchers: Errggg!!!  Still stuck.  (And more determined than ever.)  Starting tomorrow, I’m adding a dance routine to my normal bike ride, but my main plan is to just keep on keeping on.

Dear friends Bill Francis and Renae Kinsey visited briefly–too briefly, in fact–but I enjoyed spending time with them, however short that time turned out to be.  :)  It’s a good thing we’ll all be meeting up again in December, in Vegas, during the big rodeo.

Normally, I would write a special blog for Veteran’s Day, but this year, obviously, it just didn’t happen.  If you’ve been reading these entries for a while, you know how much I admire and appreciate those who place their lives on the line to preserve the way of life we enjoy, both veterans and active duty personnel.  Recently, I spotted a t-shirt in a catalog that pretty much said it all: “Heroes don’t wear capes–they wear dog-tags.”  Amen to that.

Various and Sundry Things

In other words, this blog will probably amount to a hodge-podge of Random Linda Thoughts and Observations.  :)

Weight Watchers.  Sigh.  The battle continues.  I’m still stalled out, and more determined than ever to break through this plateau, no matter how long it takes.  :)  The fact is, I’m very happy with my body these days, and loving my exercise bike more every time I pedal my way through a podcast or blast of music.   The food plan is something I can not only live with, but love–for the rest of my life.

Speaking of podcasts, I just discovered a new and very helpful one, called Halfsize Me–very good information and inspiration for those of us battling the proverbial bulge.  The info is solid and sane–last night, I listened to two, one about a current Weight Watchers leader who had lost just over 135 pounds and has–and here’s the challenging part–kept it off for seven years.  I want what she’s having.  :)

I’ve been examining my eating habits, etc. lately–you’ll recall the sugar-free gum threat if you’ve been with us for a while–and found I’d gotten a little lax on my water-drinking (back to the sloshing-figure app for me).  My WW leader and others tell me that can cause a problem, even with regular exercise.  Another podcast guest reminded me of the addage about drinking half one’s body weight in water, in ounces, thank God, not pounds, and I’m doing that.  (And NO, I am not telling how many ounces that is.  :) )

I believe I mentioned my Taize (there should be an accent mark above the ‘e’ but I don’t know how to make it happen) fascination.  Just between you and me, I thought Taize was the name of a composer.  (Blush.  You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.)  Turns out, Taize is actually a Christian community in France.  :)  In any case, I’m totally hooked on the music, which is sort of like Gregorian Chant (I also love GC), but not, because I can understand the words.  It’s very soothing–prayer in song.   

We’re celebrating a fabulously sunny day here in Spokaloo.  The more of those, the better.

Have a good weekend, friends of mine.  There’s still time if you haven’t entered this week’s contest–all you have to do is comment.  Winners will be announced on Monday and a new round will begin immediately.

Be a blessing.

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