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Back from my journey/Winners

As you might have guessed, I was recuperating from my (very wonderful) travels yesterday, so didn’t get to this blog.  Our winners for last week are: Brenda Ireland and Cathy Green.  Congratulations, my friends–enjoy!  (Not Brenda or Cathy?  No worries.  Just comment and you’re automatically entered for this week’s giveaway.) Now for a brief account of my recent trip to Santa Rosa, CA, where I participated in the annual Bulls and Bears celebration hosted by my good friends, Steve and Robin Black, owners of Uptick Vineyards.  Talk about GLAM!  Festivities began with a Friday night gathering at the Blacks’ beautiful home, which is surrounded on all sides by grapevines, grapevines and MORE grapevines.  It was a great chance to reconnect with buddies like Bill Francis and his lovely wife, my beloved Renae Kinsey, Bob and Lynn Massi, Debbie and Wayne Macomber, Nancy Berland and many others.  I met some wonderful new people, already friends of mine, including Ramona and Matt and the Amazing Jackie.  More on them later.  :)       

OKAY, for whatever crazy reason, much of this blog disappeared into a Black Hole.  So I’ll take up the slack tomorrow!

Weight Watchers, etc.

Progress!  I’m down 2.6 pounds.  YES!

I’m leaving town tomorrow and won’t be back in Spokane until late Sunday night.  If I can blog from the hotel in Santa Rosa, I will. 

I’m sure Jenni will post a few photos to my Facebook page along the way.  I’m also sure I’ll have a few stories to tell on Monday morning.  :)

Be well.


In the old times sometimes cowboys referred to beans as “Deceitful Beans” because they talked behind your back.