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Winners, weather and flu

Today’s blog will be short–I’ve got that silly bug that’s been going around.

Our winners are Julie Fetter and Pam Paterakis.  Many congratulations, ladies!  A new contest is already rolling, for if you’re not Julie or Pam, no worries.  :)  Just comment and you’re in the game.

As for the weather, well, it’s overcast and, yes, a mite on the gloomy side.  Rather than lowering my spirits, however, it just makes me feel very, VERY grateful for my warm, well-lit house and all its comforts.  :)

I have Weight Watchers tomorrow–I’ll be back with a report either in the afternoon or on Thursday morning.

In the meantime, be happy, be well, and be snug.

Atticus, Boo Radley and Irish Stew

Yesterday, Wednesday, Jen, Wendy and I attended our Weight Watchers meeting, as usual.  I’m down 1.4 pounds, I’m happy to say.  Since I started exercising in earnest, I’ve been doing a lose-gain-lose kind of thing.  Fortunately, I am a WW veteran, so I understand the phenom.  (Which is not to say it didn’t frustrate me sometimes.)  I’m determined to keep on riding my stationary bike every day, however–I love the way it makes me feel.

After the meeting, we carvanned it downtown to have lunch at O’Dougherty’s Pub–I might be misspelling the name–where I thoroughly enjoyed a steaming bowl of Irish Stew–delicious!  On the way there, I made some very happy discoveries–two wonderful shops (already well-known to Wendy and Jen, who get out more), one called Atticus and the other, Boo Radley’s.  (Yes, the owner of both establishments is a BIG fan of To Kill a Mockingbird, as am I.  First clue is the bird–a finch, obviously–on the Atticus sign.)  Well, folks, there’s nothing like taking a mini-vacation in your own city.  :)  (I was born in Spokane, and have lived here since leaving Arizona in 2006–also spent the first ten years of my marriage here.)  Both shops offer intriguing kitchy stuff–I purchased an Edgar Allen Poe lunch bucket and a Boo Radley’s t-shirt–and I’ll definitely be going back for stocking stuffers.  (Christmas is my favorite holiday and I buy stocking stuffers and gifts throughout the year and stash them away.)  I talked Jenni into buying an inflatable toupe (no kidding!) for a certain podcaster who is a friend of hers and is always lamenting his baldness.)  Got a great stocking stuffer for my mama, but since she reads this blog (hi, Mom), I can’t say what it is.  :)

The weather today is overcast, but for all I know, it will be hot and sunny five minutes from now.  :)

That’s today’s news from the Triple L, folks.  More tomorrow.



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