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Phew! I made it!

First, our winners: Patrice Tinsley and Marilyn Costich, who will each receive a copy of–wait for it–“The Marriage Season”, nearly two weeks before its official release date.  :)  Since I’ll be traveling next week, or hope to be, we’re running the contest a little differently this time around.  The rules are the same: two winners will be chosen at random and receive copies of the new book.  The difference is, Jenni will draw the names and notifiy them on Friday instead of Monday, just this once.

Now, about that PHEW!  I’ve been feeling achy for almost ten days now, and I kept thinking it would go away, the pain I mean, but of course it didn’t.  So today I went to the doctor.  A big deal was made; I had a chest x-ray AND an EKG–no sign of significant problems.  (Gratitude Journal Entry #1 for today.)  Still, I feel pretty crummy and my temp was 101.1–not bubonic plague, I know, but the thing is, I never run a fever.  The final diagnosis was pleurisy, for which there is no apparent cure.  Alas.  I have to wait it out, rest and drink fluids, which is pretty much what I already knew, and the main reason I resisted going in for as long as I did.  (Plus, I’m stubborn.  It runs in the Lael family.)

Mother’s Day was great–I hope you all had a happy one as well.  My brother Jerry drove over from Kittitas, WA, picked up Mom at her condo, and they met Wendy, Jeremy and me at our favorite Mother’s Day hangout, the Onion.  Mom was her usual spunky self, sporting a very spiffy pair of turquoise glasses.  :)  She’s always marched to her own drumbeat, which is one of about a million and one things I love about her.  We definitely missed the other two sibs, Sally and Pam, but they both live pretty far away, Sally in Oregon and Pam on the other side of the state. 

So far so good on the jury-duty front.  I called in tonight and the recording said no jurors were needed.  Another phew.  I take my responsibilities as a citizen very seriously, but I’m not a hundred percent at the moment, physically, anyway.  Also, there are things  I need to do before taking off for Gettysburg next Monday.

More tomorrow.  Stay safe and well.


The Saga Continues, as told by Juror #2

Today’s foray into the world of jury-duty was brief, composed mostly of waiting.  With twelve of my peers (there was one alternate), I trooped into the courtroom and took my assigned place in the jury box.  We were sworn in, and given brief instructions by the judge.  Then one witness, a forensic scientist, took the stand.  We listened.  We were dismissed again.  We waited, careful not to discuss the case, and engaged in a few rounds of phone-trivia.  Presently, the judge came in, sans robes this time, and informed us that the prosecutor and the defense attorney had reached an agreement and we could go home.  This happened around noon.

I drove home, after debating a few other options with myself–I could use another pedicure, now that the weather is nice enough for open-toed shoes–or simply go to Target or Hobby Lobby or Barnes and Noble, all favorite haunts.  Since I didn’t really need anything–except maybe the pedicure–I decided to go home instead.  I was greeted by a yapping Yorkie, eager for a walk.  :)  Since the Yorkie rules around here, we took the walk.  Once we were back from the barn–usually as far as we venture on any given day–I snarfed up some lunch and took a nap.

It was bliss.

I finished Marilynn Robinson’s wonderful book, “Gilead”, and loved it.  Now, I’ve started another of her stories, called “Home.”  I’ve done 30 minutes on my exercise bike and eaten a good dinner of roast chicken, green beans, etc.

Next on my agenda: a bath and more of “Home”.

Life is good.


Texas was the most active gunfighting state, with some 160 shoot-outs from the 1850’s through the 1890’s.