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A cold morning

On this sunny Labor Day morning, when Bernice and I went out for an after-breakfast stroll, I actually needed a coat!  Amazing, given the days and weeks of almost unrelenting heat we’ve been experiencing in and around Spokane.  I love that crisp snap in the air that signals the coming of autumn–it is hands-down my favorite season of the year.  Yes, spring is lovely.  Summer brings flowers and tomatoes still warm from the sun, among other pleasures, and winter’s snow, whatever problems it may bring, is gloriously beautiful, cloaking the countryside in white diamonds.  But it is the autumn that I hold dearest, as I’ve said on this blog many times.  There’s a sense of new beginnings, a hint of approaching festivities and bright surprises, it seems to me.  The crops are in, and cool-weather projects like crocheting something colorful regain their appeal.  Heck, I even love the clothes I get to wear–cozy sweaters, corduroy pants, boots and jackets…ah, yes.  Bring on the fall. Our winners this week are: Teresa Wilson and Kathy.  Way to go, ladies!  You’ve probably already heard from Jenni. Now, for the new round.   Leave a comment and you’re automatically entered–the winners will be announced next Monday. I spent a low-key weekend–it was very pleasant and restful.  Bernice and I made our usual mail runs on Saturday and Sunday, and I met Wendy and Jeremy for lunch at Azteca, one of our favorites, yesterday.  I played with art supplies–I’m on a make-it-rusty kick at the moment.  I took in a few podcasts, paged through some new art magazines–Cloth, Paper, Scissors–Somerset Studio’s Apprentice–a very interesting publication from England, called Daphne’s Diary.  CPS arrived in Saturday’s mail, which was actually Friday’s mail, since it usually isn’t delivered until 4 pm or so, but I picked up the others at Barnes and Noble after lunch yesterday, along with several books, of course. I’m listening to The Miniaturist, a novel by Jessie Burton.  The story is set in Amsterdam, in the 1600s, and I like it so much that I bought a copy for my “keeper” shelf.  (I do this with particular favorites.)  The writing is wonderful, and the characters are well-drawn.  On the reading front, I’m still involved in Lisa Jackson’s latest–it’s great.  

Once again, cyberspace has eaten part of my blog.

To repeat myself, I hope you’re having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

How high’s the water, Mama? or So this is Friday…

(With nods to my late friend, the one and only Johnny Cash, and to John Lennon, whom I never met, unfortunately.  And he was my favorite Beatle, too.)

Virtual Linda’s water is, presently, at thigh level–two feet high and risin’  :) As for the Friday-ness, well, as I’ve said before, I can’t believe how often it comes around.

On Monday, I’ll be announcing this week’s book winners and the new contest begins the same day.  Just comment, and you’re entered.  (Though it would probably behoove you to say something nice.  :) )  Winners are chosen at random, but Our Jenni is in charge of the process and she’s definitely protective of little ole me.

I like that in a person.  :)  (With a nod to my mom, who says that all the time.)

Which is not to say I get a lot of snarky remarks, because I can only recall one in all the time I’ve been blogging, and I think the poor woman was just having a bad day.  I sincerely hope things got better for her down the trail a ways.  I admit that I don’t read Amazon reviews of my books, or the ones on iTunes, either.  Too easy to get upset.

Then, because I do have a temper on me, however hard  I may try to keep a lid on it, I want to track that person down, get them by the scruff, ask how many books they’ve written, damn it, and whether or not they have any idea how bloody hard it is.  I like Kurt Vonnegut’s quote, and I paraphrase, “Oh, writing is easy.  You just sit down at the computer and open a vein.”

As you can see, this is a clear case of discretion being better than valor.  (If throttling somebody can be described as ‘valor’.)

More writing on the docket for today and, I hope, over the weekend.  I always INTEND to take advantage of the relative lack of peace and quiet (and usually relatives) and get some extra licks in at the keyboard, but you know what they say about good intentions.  I usually wind up shopping for groceries and running errands, after Bernice and I go out for the mail, of course, and then I have to recover from the adventure.  For me, this generally means playing in my art room, curling up for a nap with Bernice and Jitterbug, my kitty, and listening to lots of audiobooks and podcasts.  In the afternoons, Bernice and I head out for a walk, and hope (at least I do) not to encounter a moose.  Not up close and personal, that is. 

Might just as well quit while I’m ahead–assuming, of course, that I actually AM ahead.  :)

Finally, a correction to make: I called Lisa Jackson’s sister, Nancy, a wonderful writer in her right (so to speak), ‘Nancy Bishop’.  Her name is Nancy BUSH–I was confused by the fact that she used to write under the name ‘Natalie Bishop’ back in the day.  Not much of an excuse, since I’ve known Nancy forever and ever, but there it is. 

Time for more water.  :)

The Pony Express carried almost 35,000 pieces of mail over more than 650,000 miles during those nineteen months and lost only one mail sack.