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You heard it here first! (I hope)

At last, at last, I am free to tell my secret!  The Hallmark Channel is putting together a made-for-TV movie based on my Parable books–and if things go well, meaning, I suppose, if the ratings are high enough (cross your fingers, please), a weekly series will follow!  Yeehaw!!!  This is ONLY the fulfillment of a country girl’s lifelong dream, as you can imagine.  I’ve known the project was in the works for some time now, but I was sworn to secrecy, so “mum” was the word.  The folks at the network have told me there will be a script by Thanksgiving, so I’m looking forward to that.  As far as casting goes, I haven’t a clue–but you can be sure I’ll post updates right here on the ole blog as allowed.

Since it’s technically a holiday–Columbus Day?  Seriously?  The man discovered the Bahamas and thought he was in India!–nobody is working except the Canadian Wrangler.  :)  Poor Larry.  Those horses insist on eating, no matter WHAT the rest of the world is celebrating.  Anyway, the point is, Jenni draws the winners’ names each Monday, and she’s not here to do that, so I’ll be announcing that news tomorrow.  The new round has begun, so be sure to comment–that’s all you have to do to enter.

It’s official.  I am HOOKED on riding my exercise bike!  The scale seems to be stuck, but I don’t care, because I love the way I feel after a workout.  In fact, I can’t seem to talk myself out of it–an interesting development since, for years, the reverse was true.  :)

Scale frustrations aside, I still believe Weight Watchers is the best program in existence, at least for me.  I have lost nearly 60 pounds over the past year, and I’m still eating the WW way.  I intend to do that from here on out, simply because I feel wonderful most of the time.  (I have had a few tussels with the flu, like everybody else).  Naturally, I hope to break the stalemate soon and get off this darned plateau I told you about, but honestly, I think I would eat this way for the rest of my life even if I never lost another ounce.  It’s just better.

I’ve been listening to Hay House Radio this morning.  There’s some good stuff on that station.  While Bernice and I were out for our morning stroll, I heard some fascinating interviews, got some insights, and was persuaded to order Louise Hay’s new book about love and good health.  I also love Coast to Coast AM and Dave Schrader’s Darkness Radio–mostly–and I never miss the podcast Real Ghost Stories Online, which is spooky AND comical.

I’ll close with an affirmation Ms. Hay–she’s 88 and still going strong, by the way–mentioned today.

“Life loves me.”  Let’s repeat this one a few times and see how we feel.  :)



I love Fridays.  (I also love Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, of course.  :) )  Each one is a gift, as far as I’m concerned, one I’m grateful to receive.

Still, there’s something festive about Fridays–there are responsibilities to meet, naturally, but for me, at least, Fridays are sort of like Christmas Eve–all the magic and mystery of the weekend are ahead, waiting to be discovered.  Sure, Saturday will bring the usual errands, a mail run for Bernice the Yorkster and me, possibly a trip to the grocery store, laundry to do, a table to be painted.  Where’s the magic and mystery, you may ask?  Well, it’s there for sure–if I look for it.  Maybe it’s an insight or an idea, something that comes to me while I’m riding my exercise bike (50 minutes this morning, over 11 miles, and more than 400 calories burned, scale be damned), reading or listening to a book, playing music, walking the dog, journaling, meditating or any of a dozen other things. 

This morning, for instance, I “saw” into the characters and certain scenes of a new book I’m planning.  I was pedaling away on my trusty bike, thinking about the story, and the magic began to happen.  It was all internal, unfolding as vividly as a fresh memory in my imagination, but I might as well have been watching a movie.  Needless to say, this is an exciting experience–the imagination is an exciting (if sometimes scary) place.  :)  I’ve taken to keeping a pile of blank index cards and a pen within reach while I’m exercising–I might want to remember the title of a song, or the name of a book mentioned on a favorite podcast, or a Bible verse I want to look up or memorize.  I often copy quotes on index cards, too, and tape them to the front of the fridge or even a cupboard door.

Sundays are fairly predictable for most of us, I think–church for some, extra sleep for others, movies and golf games and good books.  Around here, Sunday is usually pretty laid back, composed mostly of quiet activities like reading, catching episodes of a current favorite TV show of mine, the Destination America channel’s A Haunting (I say ‘current’ because I’m fickle when it comes to TV), doing some kind of art work and almost always sharing a family dinner with Wendy and Jeremy.  Their smiley golden retriever, Margie, usually comes along and delights us all–except maybe Bernice and Jitterbug.)  We laugh, talk, learn from and love each other.  And wherever there is love, my friends, there is magic.

And so it goes.  Every day is precious.

Make good use of your weekend–expect joy.

The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.