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Good news at Weight Watchers

I lost 4.2 pounds !!  That said, I must make a retraction.  I was mistaken when I wrote that No Sugar Added peanut butter is a power food.  Alas, it isn’t.  I was looking at a shopping list, rather than the list of power foods.  Mea culpa!  HOWEVER, I did okay eating it, now didn’t I?  I think, if one is reasonable, which means not devouring an entire tub of the stuff at one sitting, it’s still a wise food for dieters.  (I use 2 Tbsp or less and never have it more than once a day.)

Why to I think peanut butter is still a good bet?  Because it leaves a person feeling satisfied and full, and the nutrition is excellent, too.   One of the things I really love about WW is that there are no forbidden foods; if you are willing to pony up the points required, you can eat just about anything.

I am exercising, too.  Nothing too dramatic; I’m 67, after all, and feel no compulsion to develop a hard body.  I just want to be healthy for as long as possible.  So, I ride my exercise bike, usually while reading email or playing slot games on Doubledown.  :)  The best thing about exercise, for me, is not so much getting skinny (although that would be nice, too), but the way it makes me feel.  When I ride my bike, I get a mood lift, and everything seems to be easier as I go through the day.

I’m working on NORTH OF EDEN, my Civil War book, and enjoying the process tremendously.  Later, when the publishing process is a little further along, Harlequin will be posting an excerpt on their website.  My editor, Kathy Sagan, calls every Thursday morning, and we talk about what I’ve written so far.  This is so helpful to me, and I truly admire Kathy’s ability to see the project objectively.  I’m blessed to work with her.

The weekend is coming up.  Beyond shopping for groceries–Simply Filling requires more actual cooking and thus regular trips to the supermarket.  

I hope to blog tomorrow, but in case I don’t, have a good one. 

Monday Musings

First, as promised, here are the winners of last week’s autographed book giveaway: Norma Frink and Joanne Bitts.  A new round begins today: just comment, and you’ll be in the random drawing.  Two winners will each receive a copy of my most recent book, signed by moi, as soon as they’ve been contacted by Jenni.

On peanut butter: Several of you asked about sugar-free peanut butter, which I mentioned as a Weight Watchers Power Food.  What I should called it is no-sugar-added peanut butter.  :)  In any case, I bought a great product at Safeway on Saturday.  The brand name is Old Home 100% Natural Peanut Butter.  It was in the refrigerated section and must be kept in the refrigerator when you get it home.  I saw several brands online, and I know Schmucker’s makes a version as well.

Often times, these things really disappoint me, but I couldn’t be more pleased with this stuff.  It’s delicious!  Of course that doesn’t mean I can go overboard, but I spread some on Good Seed bread, add sliced bananas, and cook them in a non-stick pan.  I spray each side with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and top the whole shebang off with a spoonful of no sugar added jelly.  Shut the front door!  This concoction is not only tasty, it’s filling.  Takes me right on through until lunch.

I mostly wrote over the weekend, I’m so caught up in the current project.  I can’t wait to share NORTH OF EDEN with all of you.  For me, it’s a definite case of Where Has This Book Been All My Life????  I guess I just wasn’t ready to write it before now.

Now that I’m back on track with Weight Watchers, I’m experimenting with different foods.  Take, for instance, polenta, another Power Food.  I LOVE this stuff.  And I’ve been making those vegetable soup bases I told you about, too.  Mowgli, one of my dogs, goes crazy when I fire up that stick blender.  He just barks his head off!  Guess he’ll just have to get used to it, because I can think of about a jillion uses for this handy little device.  You know me and gadgets.  I also love my Spiralizer.  If you haven’t tried one of these gizmos, you’re missing something.  :)  

That’s all the news that’s fit to print, at least for today.  Tune in tomorrow, New Book Day, to see what I’ve downloaded from Audible.  (If those people don’t love me, they should, because I gobble up those audiobooks.) 



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