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Weight Watchers and Homespun Philosophy

Today’s Weight Watchers meeting was a good one, and I lost a full pound to boot.  Gotta love it.

Speaking of love, I’m so grateful to and for all of you, so ready with prayers and encouragement, even though most of you are going through trials of your own.  Reading the comments, I noted that several of you have lost pets and/or beloved family members in the last few months, and a lot of you are dealing with health or financial difficulties.  Still, you were and are willing to extend kind words and prayers to each other and to me.  Such generosity truly touches my heart.

A few days ago, I mentioned the bracelet experiment.  Basically, it goes like this: you put on a stretchy bracelet and, the first time you catch yourself complaining, you move the bracelet to the opposite wrist.  The goal is to go for 21 full days without having to switch wrists.  An important note: things you think don’t count as complaints.  Only the verbal ones do.  I haven’t had to move the bracelet, not because I’m especially angelic, but because the simple presence of that bracelet makes me think before I speak.  I might just wear it, or one like it, for the rest of my life.  According to the author of “A Complaint Free World”, Will Bowen, this experiment can be a total game changer.  Why?  Because of quantum physics.  

No, seriously.  Words have substance, they are energy.  What we talk about, like what we think about, shapes our experience in very real ways.  If you complain aloud, you are actually re-enforcing the very things you don’t want.

Skeptical?  Let me ask you this: what do you have to lose by giving it a try for 21 days?

Fashion Advice from a Dog

Mowgli, my year old pup, has made his opinion clear: I wear too much black.  To make his point, he got hold of one of my favorite slip-on sneakers while I was nearby, innocently enjoying a bubble bath, and chewed out the toe.  The little stinker.  And after I was careful enough to make sure my closet door was always closed, too.  :)  Fortunately, I have another pair.  I saw no point in scolding him, though I did, of course, take away the shoe.

If you’re thinking Mowgli is a bad boy, you’re right.  Fortunately for him, I happen to love bad boys, at least, those of the canine variety.  Mowgli’s brother, Tule, at 5, is a gentleman, except when he and Mowgli get too excited when they’re playing their favorite game, wolves in the wild.  They sure keep me busy, these two.

I’m revising the third story in the Carson series, “Forever a Hero”.  Once I’ve finished, I’ll be returning to “North of Eden”, my Civil War book.  

Mom will be moving soon, and I know life is going to be a lot easier for her once she’s made the transition to the new place.  I’m happy because I’ll be able to see her a lot more often.  My brave stepmother, Edith, is in rehab, recovering from a fall that left her in a neck brace.  She’s 91, so it’s a serious injury, but she’s in good spirits, pioneer strong.  Some of the bones in her neck were fractured, and she’s decided she doesn’t want to live alone in her big house anymore.  Needless to say, we’re all both stressed out and grateful that we still have them both.  

Prayers welcome.


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