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Self-Imposed Quarantine :)

Nobody panic.  I’m suffering (as dramatically as possible) from a garden variety head and chest cold–not the dreaded E-virus.  (Thank heaven.)  Reports of my imminent demise have been greatly exaggerated.

In order to prevent my own personal pandemic (Spokandemic?), I’m staying home from Weight Watchers today–with considerable regret, I might add.  You see, I’ve finally broken through that darned plateau I’ve been grousing about for a while now.  Yep.  The scale is moving again, and in the right direction this time.  What made the difference?  Truthfully, I’m not sure.  (But I’m not giving this virus any credit, period).  I upped my water consumption, took a closer look at my portion sizes (tracking what I eat is one of the most powerful tools I’ve found), cut my exercise back from one hour to thirty minutes, and added in some light hand weights.  Basically, my take on the situation is: now that I’ve lost a major chunk of weight, the process has slowed down, which is normal, and a little less food is in order.  Although I may add more exercise later on, it would be something different, and in split sessions instead of all at once.  Several of you, including Karen Cotton, suggested varying the workout, even in small ways–thanks for that; it does seem to be helping.

OK, so, once again, the internet ate part of my original blog.  And thanks to this cold, I pretty much have no idea what I said.

I will, however, address the wolf story.  :)  A wise Native American man told his grandson that there were two wolves inside him, always engaged in mortal combat, one good, one bad.  The good one would, of course, promote kindness, integrity, courage, etc.  The bad one, as you might expect, represented the opposite aspects of human nature, like greed and cowardice and meanness.  The worried little boy asked, “Which wolf will win?”  And the grandfather replied, “The one you feed.” 

Pretty smart grandpa.



Winners, the cold from hell, and how I spent my weekend

First, the winners.  Gwyn Beams and Janet Clark, come on down!  :)  If you aren’t Gwyn or Janet, do not despair–all you need to do is comment and you’ll be entered in the new contest, which begins now.  (Yes, at this very moment.)  Make a comment and, presto, you’re in.  We do this every week, so be persistent.

Not to complain or anything–brace yourself, obviously I’m fixin’ to complain–I have been under the weather since Friday, and if anything, the bug is worse today.  This after staying home all weekend, except for a brief foray for groceries and craft supplies, both vital to my wellbeing, taking Dayquil, shuffling around the house in slippers, a ratty robe and bed-hair, periodically smearing myself with Vicks Vapor Rub, and listening to favorite podcasts.  (Currently, those are: “Half Size Me”, a very good program about weight loss and maintenance and healthy living in general, “The Unmistakable Creative”, “Tips of the Scale”, “The One You Feed”, an inspirational podcast based on the black wolf/white wolf fable*, “The Moth”, a perennial favorite, “The Paranormal Podcast”, and “Real Ghost Stories Online”.)

I had big plans to watch a movie–“Malificent”, from the Disney people–and read actual books, but it didn’t happen.  Focusing is a challenge for me anyway, and with a cold, it’s SO not gonna happen.

There’s chicken soup from Safeway’s deli in my fridge, and I think it’s calling my name.  :)  According to Mary Ann, cousin and trail boss, it’s delicious stuff, with amazing curative powers.

We’ll see.


*If ten of you ask about the black wolf/white wolf story, I’ll recount it on tomorrow’s blog.

Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.