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Deep Breath….

OK, so I wrote this very chatty blog entry on New Year’s Day, filling you in on my holidays (quiet and marvelous) and describing my personal N.Y’s Eve ceremony in intricate detail–AND the whole works disappeared into the Black Hole that is cyberspace!

I’m normally a pretty tough ole cowgirl, but let me tell you, that got my goat.  Cursing Bill Gates under my breath, I shut down my computer–swearing to switch from this PC to a Mac, pronto–shut off the lights, closed my office door (so the dog wouldn’t sneak in and pee on the hardwood floor) and walked away, disgusted.

As you can see, I’m back.  :)  If this one gets eaten, well, you might hear me swearing even if you’re on the other side of the planet.  I mean, for heaven’s sake.  How much frustration is enough?

Christmas was quiet, and it was lovely.  At my request, most of my gifts were donations of pet food to various animal shelters, and I got so much satisfaction out of the idea that I’ve made it a permanent policy.  Of course, there are always a few renegades–Sally, who is Thankful Rose on Etsy, as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, sent me one of her lovely repurposed sweater creations.  I’ll be posting a pic on Facebook as soon as I’ve had my hair trimmed.  :)  (Hey, I never said I wasn’t vain.)  Debbie Macomber sent a beautiful handcarved cross, which she picked up on last summer’s visit to Africa, and there were a few other goodies, too: daughter Wendy gave me the world’s coolest candle, with a beautiful ring hidden away in the wax, and a set of Abraham Lincoln bandaids, now proudly displayed on a bookshelf here in the office.  Since my big dream is to write a Civil War novel, I told her I’d keep the bandaids handy in case of bruising reviews.  :) 

Since I don’t trust this computer much farther than I can throw it, this blog will be continued.  :)


Ah, yes.  Christmas Eve.  My very favorite day of the whole year!

The tree is lit, the carols are set to play, the fireplace to crackle.  We even got a little skiff of snow during the night, just to set the mood.  :)  For me, this is a magical day, full of happy memories.  Mom and Dad always made sure we had the BEST Christmases, their very limited budget notwithstanding.  Our handmade stockings bulged with goodies to delight the heart, and there was always an orange in the toe.  Mom and I would go to church on Christmas Eve, and when the service let out at midnight, our little town was still, the trees were laced with diamonds, the sky bursting with stars; indeed, the whole world seemed to sparkle.  Thanks for that, Mom, and for so much more.

I’m off to weigh in, then Wendy and I are heading up to visit Mom/Gramma and deliver gifts.  The wrapping is done–mostly.

Because of my dear friends and family, a lot of little puppies and kitties will be munching kibble, and nothing could be better than knowing that.  Christmas is about love, after all, and I feel so blessed to have so many caring, generous folks in my life.  As we celebrate the Gift of All Gifts, given one long-ago night, when He was born in a humble stable, may His Peace live in our hearts, I’ll be thinking of each and every one of you. 

So, from all of us on the Triple L, two-legged and four-legged alike, have a lovely holiday season. 

From the end of the Civil War until 1890, some 10 million head of cattle were driven from Texas to Kansas.