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On the mend!

I must say, I enjoyed my rest cure.  The dog and kitty kept me company, while I read (and read)–slept–and then read some more!  And when I was too bleary-eyed to read, I listened.  :)  I also washed down copious amounts of Tropical Hibiscus, my favorite tea, but I think I’ve already told you that….

Recent favorite reads:

In fiction: “Home”, “Gilead” and “Lila” by Marilynn Robinson.  The sheer beauty of this author’s writing keeps me totally engaged, and the quirky characters fascinate me.  No wonder she received the coveted Pulitzer Prize for “Gilead”.  She is flat-out good.

In nonfiction: “Visualization

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Taking it easy

I’m still feeling a little rough, so I’ll be doing my work in bed today, with a heating pad and a lot of Tropical Hibiscus tea, my absolute favorite.  :)

I am so blessed!

There are some books I want to tell you about, but that will have to wait a little while.

Back tomorrow.  (No, really…)

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