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Another Friday Rears Its Beautiful Head

My “short” story, “The Christmas of the Red Chiefs”, an O. Henry reference, will go in to my editor today. Pocket will release it for the 2006 holiday season, headlining an anthology.

The weather in Arizona is cool–at last–even a little crisp this morning.

I intend to spend this Friday well.

I’m going to buy a telescope. I’ve become a solar system fanatic, watching shows on the Science and Discovery Channels. I recently listened to Dava Sobel’s “The Planets” on CD, and was so fascinated that I bought the book as well.

More news, too. I’m back on my Weight

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A Few Kind Words About the Ego

There are some big, bad egos out there, mostly belonging to various world leaders, it would seem. Warmongers. Planet-rapers. Ruthless exploiters. Bad egos for sure, run amok.

Chances are, though, that your ego is not a fiend. It’s simply an overwhelmed, frantic child, crying out for the attention of the adult you.

If you feel…


Then the child-ego is in charge. Tell her you’ll take care of everything, and mean it. Tell her to go take a nap. Bring out your inner grown-up and take charge.

You’ll find, as I have,

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Cattle drives rarely went more than ten or twelve miles a day, as the cattle had to be given time to rest and graze. A drive from Texas to Montana could take up to five months.